Speech Delay & Sensory Processing Disorder

As many of you will recall, the little guy has Speech Delay as well as Sensory Processing Disorder, the latter of which loosely translates into “can’t take him anywhere”. (This is the kid who got us thrown out of Weight Watcher’s “mommy & me” meetings!) Well, we are finally beginning to see some real progress in regard to the little guy’s speech and sensory issues. He is now in three therapies per week; Speech Therapy, Occupational/Physical therapy and more recently Music Therapy because he is very receptive to music and it’s been shown to help with both speech and focus. As you can imagine I’m quite busy getting him to his various therapies along with playgroups, my own WW meeting [which I now attend solo] and the whole errand/grocery shopping/household running thing I’ve got going. All I can say is it’s a good thing I’m a stay-at home-mom! Although, this means I rarely actually stay at home. In fact, I’ve got so many things going on each day of the week that my days out far exceed the number of pants I have that actually fit. You know, since I’m STILL working on that whole Operation Fit [back into my pants] project. But back to the story.

We’ve been hearing more and more words out of the little guy lately and this is really reassuring. He will say (& recognize) most letters of the alphabet, along with making an attempt at the names for colors. We have to admit, hearing “wellwo” is awfully cute! He is finally beginning to put a few words together and he signs many words along with speech. (We counted the signs he currently knows and it’s upwards of 42.) His occupational therapist is seeing progress in his being able to focus more and be able to complete activities without constantly jumping from thing to thing. He is also receptive to the physical movement exercises and seems to enjoy the swinging now, which he previously did not.

OT tire swing          DSC01033

What has been most remarkable though is Music Therapy. It appears that he might be somewhat musically inclined (something he did NOT get from his mother!) Recently during Music Therapy he played the Triangle in time to the music of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. When his therapist started playing the guitar he was mesmerized. He really enjoyed the music and actually sat down in his little chair to hear her play and sing. He then decided he wanted to play so his therapist had him sit down in her lap and he immediately placed both his hands in the correct position and started strumming. We were rather surprised by this.


You may recall that both the little guy and his big brother got guitars for Christmas—of course little guy’s was a toy and Teenager’s was the real thing. At this point we are anxiously waiting for Teenager to learn how to play his guitar since it seems to have such a calming effect on his brother! Then I told Teenager that if his little brother learns to play one day that he’ll have to let him in his garage band. Because you know, there’s nothing like having a little brother tag along to completely destroy any chance of being “cool”.

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Margaret in WV said...

Girls think tag along little brothers are cute! I think that would be a selling point.