Sunday Drive with a Twist

With more reasonable gas prices these days we decided to take a family Sunday drive this past weekend . After a quick bite to eat at In-N-Out Burger and a stop at Starbuck’s for a coffee for the drive we headed down a cute country road. After driving through some really pretty areas we ended up taking a turn down another cute country road that we were not quite sure where it went. It was kind of one of those “Hey, I’ve never been out this way before –let’s see where it goes” kind of moments. The road went on and on and it became apparent we had no idea where we were, but it was a fun drive and we just kept going. The baby had fallen fast asleep and was happily taking his little nap in the car so all was well. When we reached a stopping point and figured out approximately where we were we took a turn and decided to go a different way home. What we didn’t know was that it was a very windy road. I am pretty prone to car sickness and our happy Sunday drive quickly turned into not so much fun. Things took a significant turn for the worse when little guy woke up out of his nap and effectively lost his lunch. It was one of those baby throw up situations where you can’t imagine how that much could come out of someone so small. Daddy quickly pulled over and we started the clean-up process. Thankfully we’re always prepared and travel with pretty much everything we could possibly need; trash bags, lots of baby wipes, plenty of extra clothes, etc. I went to work in the back of the car stripping down the little guy and changing him. Meanwhile Teenager is helping run interference between me and Daddy who’s busy cleaning up the car seat the best he can. Now my husband knows me very well. And he knows better than what he did next. But somehow in the moment he didn’t happen to consider that it was exactly the wrong time in which to describe the mess he was dealing with in both a disgusting and hilarious manner to his wife who was queasy, cleaning up a barf covered toddler and really needed to find a potty after having a triple cappuccino. But of course those circumstances only made the whole scenario even more amusing. To him.

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