Easter Weekend

The weekend started out with the big Easter Egg hunt at our local park. This was only the little guy’s second year of official egg hunting but his big brother recalls numerous Easters at this Egg Hunt as we went every year when he was younger. Of course it’s been a few years since he’s been young enough to participate, but he really enjoys now getting to help his little brother. Daddy was armed with the camcorder and I snapped pictures wildly as hoards of parents and little ones rushed onto the field to gather eggs.


DSC01369 DSC01371

I guess you can’t really call it “hunting” when they are all out in the open. The little guy had a blast and did great at getting eggs into his basket!

DSC01364  DSC01363

According to the males in this family (i.e. the majority of our family!) this was like a true sport to them as evidenced by the cheering on of the little guy to get the eggs and the "practice session" at home with Daddy when he hid eggs around the living room and explained to our toddler what he’d be doing at the Egg hunt the next day. (No, I’m not kidding. )

This morning the boys got their Easter baskets and were quite pleased with what they got.

DSC01379 Easter 09

DSC01388 Easter 2009

We headed out to church this morning and dropped the little guy off at nursery. He did his usual “super sad crying face” which is always so hard to leave. Fortunately he calms down a few minutes later. (I always sneak back and check through the little window.) And while we’re talking about church, here’s an interesting little side story: You know how you meet someone and just know you’ve seen them somewhere before but cannot place them? Well, this week when we had our gas leak issue, the guy who came out to re-light the pilot lights looked so familiar to me. I chatted with him a little while he was doing his job and learned he lived right here in town and had been here for many years. I started to think that I knew him from the "other church" I attended back in the day, many years ago. I didn’t say anything because if that is where I knew him from I figured it was advisable to not bring it up. When you leave a more extreme type of religious organization you are pretty much looked at as a defector of sorts and I really didn’t want to open that particular can o’ worms. Well, imagine my surprise when this morning before the Easter service started we headed out to the coffee cart and there he was doing the brewing! Here I was thinking I knew him from a completely different church years ago then realizing he actually goes to my church today. One of life's little ironies.

After church we enjoyed a lovely Easter Brunch at one of our favorite breakfast places in the area. This is a special treat and family tradition for us to enjoy a holiday brunch and we had a great time. We were seated right next to the dessert table of all places. This meant little guy spotted the cake and proceeded to asked for it by saying “Happy!” since to him all cake is “Happy Birthday” cake. So, we had to let him have a piece.


Happy Easter!


Janice said...

I love the way the little guy was dressed. Love,love,love those rompers with the knee socks on little boys!!

I guess I'm kind of old fashioned that way even though I'm only 45.


julie said...

looks like a fun day :)