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Twitter & Time Flying

I knew I would be terrible at Twitter….I was so right. The irony is when I glance over at my last “tweet” and it says how many days ago I think; “Wow, time really flies”. And it does. Apparently the older you get the faster time goes by. I am really feeling that these days. I do not know how I could have “just had a baby” who is pushing three. Three years old. And that teenager…sheesh, he’s 16 and in just two short years he’ll be graduating high school. I might add this is also the exact same time his little brother will be entering school. Now if that’s not ridiculous……..

Weight Loss & Pants

So, this weight loss thing really sucks. As does the clear fact that the older you get the more your body wants to retain extra weight. I recently went through a huge dilemma as to whether or not to buy a cheap pair of Capri pants (on sale at Old Navy for $15!) if it means buying them in the next size up while I am still attempting to lose. So far, I have not convinced myself to buy them. I keep thinking; “Just a few more pounds and I could at least fit into many of the pants I already own!” Ugh. It’s very frustrating. But I could gripe about this topic for days so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Smart Phone

Yesterday I was saved by my smart phone—I’m so glad I have this thing. After years of going the paper planner route I finally decided that I needed a PDA and phone in one. I determined this after missing an appointment entirely in which I had to pay a “no show” fee. So, yesterday afternoon while the little guy was playing with Daddy outside and Teenager was working on his homework my phone went off with a reminder; Teenager had an orthodontist appointment! Crap! I had completely forgotten about this! I had it set with the default reminder which is 15 minutes…this was just enough time to yell out the back door that I was leaving, grab the teenager and head out the door. Sadly, this was not enough time to change out of my yoga pants. I need to set the reminder just a tad earlier to avoid such calamities in the future but at least I made the appointment! Thank you Smart Phone. My apologies to all the folks in the orthodontist’s lobby who had to see me in my at-home-only “mom attire”.

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June said...

Hey, I say go buy the capris while they are still there and make yourself happy. Remember the old saying "if the shoe fits wear it". You will be happy and feel great because you look good and then want to stay on your diet and therefore lose more weight. Not a bad outcome for $15.00!