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It just doesn’t take much to make me happy sometimes. Getting through a day without a tantrum for example; that’s a good day! And on days when the little guy doesn’t have one either it’s even better. But yesterday something special happened. After over a year of bemoaning the loss and months of begging various people to please bring it back, it finally happened. I’ve been reunited with my special salad dressing! Readers may recall a previous post: Discontinued Favorites, in which I mentioned this little gem; Litehouse Tangy Citrus Orange Salad dressing.

TangyOCitrus The store that was able to accomplish this fabulous feat is the special grocery store I wrote about in: Wherein I liken a Grocery store to Disneyland. For those still with me (I probably lost a few of you when I started discussing condiments) here’s why it’s so awesome; it’s got a lot of flavor and tangy zip, but it's fat free and only 45 calories! It’s great on any salad but I particularly love to make a special spinach or baby greens salad with it. I haven’t been able to make this for so long now because there was just nothing to replace this dressing. I’ve searched every market and brand, both shelf and refrigerated, and no one else makes a citrus-based tangy flavored dressing anything like this one. I've seen raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry, pear, and other “fruity type” dressings, but they are nothing like this and many have a lot of added fat. This dressing can also be used as a marinade and the hubby and I are already planning trying it on some skewered shrimp on the BBQ this summer. And once again, alas, I am not being compensated for blogging about this. I actually even went so far a while back as to plead with the folks at Litehouse to please send me some of this stuff or make it possible to purchase through them but never had any luck. So my point is they are fortunate I love this stuff so much to be giving them the free plug.

So, to celebrate this event (because you know I’ll use any excuse to celebrate) I’ve made my special salad and included the recipe for my readers. I think this is only the second recipe I’ve ever offered here. (Last summer I shared my guacamole and accompanying margaritas.) This salad is great as a lunch all by itself, or a side dish for summer BBQ’s. For example: served alongside some grilled salmon, jasmine rice and a nice glass of Chenin Blanc. I’m ready for summer!

SAHM Salad


(The amounts below are calculated for a single serving of this salad and amount to 6 WW points for the serving. To make this as a big family size salad you can multiply the portions or simply throw in whatever amounts you like of each item.)

· Baby spinach or baby spring mix (pictured)

· Candied pecans ½ ounce

· Mandarin Oranges 2 ounces

· Dried cranberries 1/8 c

· Purple Onion (to taste)

· Blue Cheese crumbles 1.5 ounces or 1/8 c

· Litehouse Tangy Citrus Orange Dressing 2 T (hopefully you’ll have good luck finding this in your area! FYI: it’s in the refrigerated section as it has no preservatives.)

Toss and Enjoy!

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