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Just a little welcome to any new readers. Perhaps you’ve hopped on over here to read about something other than deadly viruses, ignorant beauty pageant contestants or the latest fashion choices of the first lady. My most recent tasks have included proofreading a report on the Chinese Revolution and attempting to remove the fruit bar that little guy crammed into his Chevron cars.

Apparently their cute little faces said they were hungry. Chevron cars with fruit bar

Yes, it’s quite a variety of mommy tasks—but that’s what life is like when you have a toddler and a teen at the same time.

So, when I’m not writing blog posts, journal entries or “the book” the majority of my day while the hubby is at work and teenager is at school is spent with my little darling who is in full-fledged terrible two mode. I don’t call it “Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem” for nothing.

The little guy has been doing a new therapy called Therapeutic Listening which involves listening to special CD’s through a special headset that is meant to over time help change the neurological receptors in his brain.

003We can see a difference because when he’s done a 30 minute listening session because he is more focused and able to concentrate his energy on a playtime “task”. Sadly the program is not one that is paid for through his current services so it was all on us but we feel we have to bite the bullet and do whatever we possibly can to help him. The challenge with a little one with Speech Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder is that at this age it’s difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between a “terrible two” tantrum, frustration over lack of communication or a sensory seeking behavior. It makes it very difficult to know how to deal with each situation. There are times when I just have no clue how to deal with him….sometimes a Time Out seems warranted, which we’ve been doing now for a while with some success. Other times, there is just no calming him down or pleasing him. We find ourselves attempting to guess what he is wanting and running through a list of possibilities on numerous occasions. His high energy and “gets into everything” behavior makes him unlike other kids his age who are getting to the point that they can play without constant supervision. While other moms can sit nearby and let their little one play on equipment at a park, I have to literally hover over him making sure he does not do anything dangerous or doesn’t just bolt and take off. Therefore, a trip to a park is about my least favorite thing because basically I am running around the entire time and trying to navigate play equipment not made for an adult (insert “Winnie the Pooh stuck in the rabbit hole” joke here.) The little guy does seem to be picking up a little more speech though, so that’s good. In fact, a while back he barely put two words together and never said a whole sentence or phrase more than two words long. He recently learned a four word sentence and uses it spontaneously and often. It’s...

“I Love you Mommy”. Talk about making it all worthwhile.

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June said...

What a lovely entry, just in time for Mother's Day. Hope yours was great!