New Orleans Trip... that I didn't get to go on

So, the hubby returned from his business trip safe and sound and with pictures. He brought back a hurricane glass from Pat O' Brien's in which he enjoyed a Hurricane drink. Glass_Hurricane500

He also enjoyed several nights of dining out including one dinner with Bananas Foster, which apparently was invented in New Orleans and just happens to be my favorite desert. I know it was a "business trip" but still...I'm totally jealous.

Featured below is a slide show from the trip. At this point I'm planning to watch the photo slide show from my outdoor lounge chair while sipping a Hurricane in the Pat O' Brien's glass...I'm calling it my "staycation".

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Starr said...

My hubby is in Seattle for the next few days. I asked him if he would take pictures if he took the camera,and he was quite truthful when he said "no."