Unofficial Kick Off of Summer

Today is the last day of school, which signifies the unofficial kick off of summer. I can hardly believe it’s here already. The little guy is going to be so happy to have his brother home more! Of course, there’s bound to be abundant TT (teen ‘tude) when “there’s nothing to do”. He’s been trying to get a little job but so far no luck, poor kid. So the other night he mentions that among the various things he’d like to do this summer he wants to go to the water park with a group of friends and asks if we’d take him. Hubby told him sure we would, and we’d be happy to stay as well, Dad in his Speedo and Mom in whatever ridiculously embarrassing swimsuit-like ensemble she can find. Teenager was not amused. On a side note, I must give credit where credit is due; though no one really wants to see the “Husband sporting a Speedo look” I have to say that the Hubby has done really well at weight loss…far better than I have! I don’t know exactly what clicked for him, but he kicked his efforts into high gear and is now down by a total of around 35-ish pounds from when we started this thing. He’s pretty much eliminated his “spare tire” and I’m so proud of him! Now if only I was as successful. I’ve been in a holding pattern for a while now…you know that thing that happens when you lose and gain and lose the same exact pounds over and over again?! It’s maddening. I need something to “click” for me as well to really get past this number range I’ve been seeing week after week. So while the hubby’s pants are now falling off him, I’m still stuffing myself into the couple I’ve got that fit, lamenting the other ones in the closet I could be wearing if only I’d lose a few more pounds. Ugh. We are hoping to get motivated enough to kick up our exercise routine, add in some bike rides and stick with our morning run/walk plan. The “joke” at Weight Watcher’s is that everyone is trying to lose now to get into “bikini shape”. The irony is, even a “regular” swimsuit is about the furthest thing from my mind when I have extra weight on me…I cannot even imagine getting into a bikini! I’m pretty impressed though that Valerie Bertinelli managed this. It’s encouraging to see the “over 40” crowd lose the weight and get into shape and I am still hoping I can pull this off. At this point I’d be happy to just not have to wear shorts over a swimming suit.

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