What, me worry?

The hubby was recently getting ready to leave on a business trip, this time to New Orleans. None of us are too excited for him to leave because, well… we don’t like it when he’s gone! I’m generally the worst because I always worry. It’s just my thing. We had a hilariously ridiculous conversation prior to his leaving in which I asked about alligators. Hubby informed me that they were in the swamps and generally did not just wander around the hotels and convention centers. I told him it would be nice if he could get some pictures of the area while he was there since I’ve never been. Then I proceeded to worry about him while mentioning something about the possibility of getting mugged if he were in a dangerous area. The hubby then decided it was time to end this discussion and told me that if he got mugged by an alligator who made off with his laptop he’d be sure to snap a photo.


Janice and Jessica said...

Girl, don't worry about New Orleans! Personally, when my daughter and I visited there a few weeks before Katrina I wondered what all the fuss was about. Maybe I'm just getting too old. Jessica loved it though and would go back in a heartbeat. I found it very hot, humid and smelly(from the Mississippi River). Kind of like a swamp.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I've eaten Aliigator before and its tastes like chicken. I would think it would be like swamp heat too.