The Fur was Flying

There was way too much excitement around here for early on a Saturday morning. The little guy let us "sleep in" until 7am and we no sooner made it out to the kitchen when our dog Murray started barking up a storm. Now, Murray does tend to woof at various unessential things from time to time as we've heard plenty of barking when a squirrel just happened to walk by. This time he was up on the hill and staring towards our neighbors to the side of us when we saw him and he was too high up there for us to tell what was going on. So we sent Teenager up to investigate.  We couldn't tell what was going on because Teenager disappeared behind our big oak tree but we heard him asking Murray what was wrong. We then heard more barking and next saw Murray dart across the back of the hill. Just then we could clearly see that he was in hot pursuit of a Siamese cat who we assume belongs to our neighbors on the other side. I flew open the door and yelled at Murray not to eat the cat and to leave her alone. The poor cat hissed at him and took a swing with her kitty paw as Murray lost his balance while attempting to chase her down the steep and rocky hill. This gave the cat just enough time to dart through an apparent hole in our fence [that we didn't know existed] and make it safely back home.  Now, the interesting thing here is that Murray lives with a cat; his "sister" Chloe. In fact, he not only lives with her and pals around with her all day but the two of them are practically joined at the hip and even sleep snuggled up in his doghouse together. We had Chloe long before Murray came along and in fact when I brought Murray home he spent the first half hour attempting to chase and eat the cat. I was told that in order to train him I needed to tell him "No" and squirt him in the nose with a water bottle every time he went for her. I could not believe this worked, but it did. That very first day they learned to live together and tolerate each other. I have no idea when they became so tight, but it's been a long time now. So, apparently according to Murray, the rules are; "we don't eat cats who are family, but the neighbor cats are fair game".

I think we've now solved the mystery as to why Chloe never has any friends over.

Murray & Chloe

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