I know the economy is bad, but this is ridiculous

Over the last couple weeks I've had several occasions to visit a local coffee shop that I haven't frequented in the past. They've got me coming back due to a really yummy yogurt parfait that's small and low in calories--a fact that's totally unimportant to the story. First let me say this is a small place and they offer Free Wi-Fi. The first time I was there a couple weeks ago I was meeting a friend for coffee. While waiting I noticed a man, casually dressed, sitting at one of the tables. I took notice because he had one of the "good" tables that had the nice upholstered chairs, three of them to be exact, and he was taking up a spot complete with his laptop, briefcase, cell phone and other equipment actually plugged into the wall behind him. His cup of coffee was sitting on the table next to him. I thought to myself that it was a bit over-the-top for one person to take over this much room, chairs, etc, and obviously he'd decided to use the place as his own personal office complete with free Wi-Fi access. But here's the kicker folks; every time I've been there since I've seen this same guy with the same set up sitting there. And it gets worse....the last time I was in, I kid you not, I noticed his stuff sitting in his "spot" and a minute later saw him come out of the restroom carrying his bottle of contact lens solution. Frankly, I'm afraid to go back because I just know he'll come stumbling out of the men's room with a towel over his shoulder, toothbrush and razor in hand while wearing boxer shorts.

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Julie@My5monkeys said...

sounds like his office with all that stuff. Its amazing the people you see in stores or shops.