Renaissance Faire

I thought I would share a few photos from our latest Renaissance Faire adventure. Hubby decided to use his creative talents to retro-fit a wagon to house the little guy in Renaissance style. I was very impressed with the outcome!


It was also quite helpful to have Teenager to pull this thing around!

DSC01858 DSC01832


 DSC01836 Daddy & Little Guy

The wagon was painted a pretty sage green and Hubby was able to cleverly attach a bicycle basket to the back for storage (it's all about the storage for me!) He even made roll down sides to close it off for possible napping purposes. I made a cushion-ey pad for the inside and had it all set up so little guy could lay down and take a nap after lunch while we strolled around the faire. This never happened, as you might imagine. I guess I was being ridiculously optimistic!  Still though,  a great time was had by all!

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