Those were the days

We all know the importance of drinking water. I've been carrying around a water bottle pretty much everywhere since I learned this in Weight Watcher's for not only weight loss but general health as well.  I'm pretty good about drinking my water but there are times when I get tired of "plain 'ol water" and yearn for something a little tastier. Of course I do not want added calories and I've never been a soda drinker because to me it's just a bunch of calories I can easily avoid and use somewhere else; like good food or the occasional treat. I cannot stand diet soda or diet anything really; I think the chemical sweeteners aka "sugar substitutes" are essentially poison and we keep all those products out of our home. (I could do another whole post on that subject alone.) So lately I've discovered something new at my friendly neighborhood Target; their Archer Farms brand water with flavor. I almost passed right on by this little gem at first because if you've ever looked at those flavored waters most are either loaded with sugar or made with chemical sweetener in order to be zero calories. But this stuff is totally natural; no sugar, no artificial sweetener or artificial flavor, just a natural flavor added to the water without any type of sweetener. They have various fruit flavors like mango, passion fruit, starfruit, etc. and recently I discovered cucumber. This sounded good because I've often enjoyed water with a slice of cucumber and have noticed more places doing this these days such as the salon I get my once-in-a-blue-moon pedicure at for example. So I bought some, cracked open a cucumber flavor in the car the other day while out with the family and handed it to the hubby to taste without telling him what flavor it was. I started explaining that it was this naturally flavored water I found at Target, etc. etc. I asked him what he thought and he looked kind of confused at first, smacked his lips a couple times and then stated it had an "interesting aftertaste". I said; "Oh? What does it taste like?"  He replied; "Old hose."  Of course I instantly knew just what he meant. Back in the day, as kids playing outside on a summer day when we got thirsty we'd simply skip over to the 'ol garden hose and drink from it. Of course this was before we knew it was full of toxins and long before the days of every man, woman and child carrying around their own personal "hydration vessel".

Naturally, we now have a family joke about this stuff referring to it "hose water". Sounds like a great "retro" marketing plan; adults everywhere can relive the old familiar taste of childhood and summer. Hose water. Ah, the memories.

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