Awkward Family Photo

Just because I love sharing a good laugh I’ve decided to post what could possibly be considered one of the most ridiculously awkward family photos in history.

Let me set the scene for you:
Circa 1970’s (that in and of itself makes for some serious hilarity), Dad had long ago lost his hair and thus, sported a toupee. Mom had the typical mom-do; sort of semi-beehive affair. And speaking of hair, this unfortunate family photo session took place just after I’d gotten into Dad’s hairpiece tape (not one of my better ideas) to secure a dress up wig to my head, not realizing that being bald is a prerequisite for using the tape, resuling in a forced “shag” haircut. Then you add the clothes….oh good grief the clothes…well, it was the seventies. Now since this is technically the only unveiling of a photo of yours truly (albeit a few years decades ago) I want to state that I look nothing like this today. Oh who am I kidding? Minus the seventies clothes this eerily reminds me of the time back in early 2000 when I got all my hair cut off because I thought I was “too old” for long hair.

So here you go folks…..

family photo

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Margaret in WV said...

I think you look cute!