Good for all Boo Boo's

We have one of those little bears that holds an ice pack for various bumps and boo boo's.  Little guy appropriately calls this the "Boo Boo Bear" and whenever he falls, runs into something or even gets even the slightest bit banged up he cries and/or whimpers (depending on the severity of the incident) and calls for the Boo Boo Bear. We think this is pretty cute, even though he has been known on occasion to appear to take a tumble on purpose and ask for the Boo Boo Bear.  So, last night as Teenager went to hug his little brother goodnight, little guy looked at his older brother's acne speckled face, pointed and said: "Buhbuh! (his word for "brother") uh-oh, Boo Boo Bear!"  Yeah, when your two year old brother thinks you need his Boo Boo Bear, it might be prudent to step up your acne fighting routine.

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