Three words every kid dreads

Although “clean your room” probably comes close, nothing strikes fear into the hearts of kids everywhere like the term; “Back to school.” Around here school starts ridiculously early…so early in fact that it even hits before the little guy's mid-August birthday. When people talk about going back to school and mention “in the Fall” in the same sentence it sounds pretty silly since this momentous event occurs during full-on Summer. So lately, just for fun, I’ve been harassing Teenager by mentioning the Back to school sales when I see an ad in the paper and talking about school supplies which were stocked at our local Target last month, in June, the month that school used to end in. Speaking of Back to School and school supplies, several years ago Staples did a commercial that I thought was hilarious. Here it is here for your viewing pleasure and please feel free to harass and taunt your own school aged children with it.


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Julie@My5monkeys said...

thats too funny and I love the routine is back again.