At least I'm not saying he's 1,095 days

The little guy is three years old. There. I said it. (Even though he’s 36 months.)

The "first three years" slide show is coming soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd share with you all a party post. We had a fabulous birthday party for the little guy and it looked like kids and adults alike really enjoyed themselves. The combination of a large group of toddlers being outdoors at a birthday party while hopped up on juice boxes and cupcakes makes for quite a wild event. See for yourself.

Bubbles were a hit. 


Little Guy's Music therapist entertained the little ones.

music blowers

Fun and frivolity with the photo prop.

 132 133

Here's our "92 model" who was not only a good sport, but had a great time and helped out with a pack of crumb crunchers. Oh, and note that smile--the braces came off!

042 043Daddy at the grill!

Friends, food and fun!

044 049

Anxiously awaiting cupcakes. He woke up the morning of his party and the first thing he said was "cupcake". He's been waiting for these things for weeks!

067 071

It was worth the wait! The gourmet cupcakes were delicious! (we ordered them from a cupcake bakery.)


So, Little guy is officially 3 years old. And if you think that’s hard for me to adjust to just wait….. because tomorrow he starts pre-school!


Julie@My5monkeys said...

congrats and that looks like a fun party. Wow-- 3 years old. Its amazing how fast time flies. What preschool is he going too? Is he still with Alta for preschool or a different program.

Like the cupcakes and bubbles & bbq. Happy Birthday to your little man.

Margaret in WV said...

Oh we're so sorry we miss these big events. The teenager looks very handsome. He's grown beyond cute.

Wish we lived closer