Little Guy: The First 3 Years

What a journey it has been creating this slide show. I started months ago setting aside the photos, adding more month by month ending with photos from the 3 year birthday party and first day of pre-school. Watching this, especially set to music, really highlights and puts emphasis on those wonderful moments over the last three years. It's a bittersweet emotion to watch your children grow up. You know they are going to, you know they have to, but something inside you makes you want to keep them little...even if only for a bit longer. As readers of this blog know, I've made it no secret that I tend to be in a bit of denial over my youngest baby leaving "babyhood". Hubby continues to remind me how important it is to enjoy every stage he is in... to enjoy every moment we have in our kid's lives. We love to take pictures and capture some of those moments and we're happy to share this little bit of our family with you.

Little Guy: The First 3 Years from Hannah Draga on Vimeo.

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June said...

Wow...fantastic job putting this together...beautiful...touching and very creative. Happy birthday Lil'guy!!!