The police were here …again

It’s only been a little over a month since the police came out to our house as you may recall from the post: Honey, the police are here. Recently they were here again; however, no one was home at the time. Let me set the scene for you on this one: Imagine my horror upon arriving home from school with little guy, taking him back to his room to put him down for a nap before dashing back out to car to grab my Target purchases, then while checking the messages I notice a business card on the kitchen counter from the Police Dept. They left me a note saying a citizen had reported spotting someone in our yard that morning and they came over to check things out, found the back door unlocked and made sure no one was here. So, immediately I make sure little guy is safely in his crib and run around the house making sure no one actually is here. It did not appear that anything obvious was missing (like a TV or computer) so I felt fairly secure that we had not been robbed. But this was still really upsetting to think that someone had been here. I got a hold of the police department so they could fill me in on more details. Apparently, a lady who commutes to work on her bike was riding by when she spotted an individual coming out the back of our yard. Upon further clarification it was revealed that said individual was a white male, about 16-17 years of age, wearing shorts and carrying a back pack. And it was around 7:30 in the morning. Sounding a little familiar anyone? Um, could we be talking about Teenager here? But here’s the weird part: this person was wearing gloves, particularly green gloves. So from the perspective of the lady on the bike, all that was missing at this point was a ski mask because it looked pretty darn suspicious. When Teenager got home we immediately questioned him as to what “accessories” he might have been wearing that morning on his way to school. We found our culprit alright; the green gloves were his. Why was he wearing gloves in the heat of the summer you ask? Turns out, he’s a bit of a germaphobe and apparently the lock on the gate has bird poop on it. So he wears the gloves to avoid touching the bird poop. Perhaps you had to have been here to have heard this explanation from him, but frankly I can hardly control my laughter while typing this because it’s so ridiculously hilarious. Once again, I have a story that begs to be filed under the “I can’t make this stuff up” category. So the moral of the story is when you’re a teenager who goes out the back yard to walk to school in August for heaven’s sakes don’t wear gloves.


June said...

Another funny story with a happy ending, thankfully. It is comforting to know that neighbors are watching out for others and also that the police responded in a timely manner. It is also a great reminder to lock your whatever type of neighborhood you live in. You can never be too safe. Tell teenager he has 4 months until Christmas and 7 months until St. Patrick's Day. He can wear the gloves either time providing he keeps them clear of the bird poop! lol

Meagan said...

I still read your blog, even though I rarely comment anymore (I know, I know... but blame it on GoogleReader).

Anyway, this is SO funny. You're right... you couldn't make it up! Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh.

Oh, and PS... I would flush during their conversation. Mwahahahaha.

Margaret in WV said...

Good kid.

My daughter's neighbor once turned her in as a potential drug selling house because teenagers showed up early each morning. Fortunately before the standard "drug bust" terrorize and trash the house by militia cops ensued, one of the policemen recognized her name and what was really going on. Early morning seminary.