Trip through Napa Valley Whine Country

It’s a sad but true fact that we don’t get away much. At least not very far. We are blessed to live fairly close to numerous fun places that make good day trips and one of them is the Napa Valley area. As the days are getting numbered for our summer break together and Daddy had the time off work, we decided to head out to Wine country. The hubby and I have fond memories of this place as we spent some time there wine tasting during our engagement as well as a night of our honeymoon at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast Inn. The last time we were able to get away and do a B&B weekend (one of my favorite things) was Valentine’s day when I was pregnant; no wine tasting then, and none on this trip with the kids either. But, it was a perfect day weather-wise and we enjoyed seeing all the cute little shops and strolling down the street in St. Helena, one of my favorite towns in this area. We also visited the Culinary Institute of America, formerly the Christian Brothers Winery and Monastery (Factoid: During prohibition the Christian Brothers made sacramental wine.


During our visit, we were informed they were shooting an episode of Emeril and therefore we needed to keep it quiet. Fortunately, the little guy managed to behave himself.

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There were numerous photo ops, as you can see.boys cia 041

We drove past Beringer Winery; the oldest continuously operating winery in Napa Valley.


Little guy got pretty restless during some parts, thus there was more whine than wine in this trip, but all in all it was a fun day.

We also had an additional passenger show up for part of the trip.


On the way out of town while driving past some of the vineyards,


Hubby pipes up with his recent idea to do his own vineyard on our hillside since we actually do have room. He’s mentioned this before because he’s always thought it would be “fun” to make our own wine. Of course, I’m thinking that “fun” translates into an awful lot of work keeping those grapevines alive in addition to learning how on earth to make wine.

Let’s face it; we all know that if we embarked on this adventure it would end up like this:

lucy grape stomp

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Janice and Jessica said...

I love the way you dress your little one! He is so cute and that is the way my mom always dressed my brother many years ago. My mom and I refer to it as the English Prince, since Prince William and Prince Harry were dressed that way. Much better than looking like little thugs the way some people dress their kids. When Jessica was little I always did her the same way. Our pastors wife handmade all of her dresses with the smocking and I still have every one of them, waiting for that day when she has her own babies. Hopefully, a few more years away though.