Brothers and Chalk Drawings

The other day I hauled out the sidewalk chalk and had no idea what a hit it would be for both boys. Despite the ridiculous age gap there’s still an amazing amount of things these two still enjoy together and share in common. For example, one is the response I get when I ask how school went. The shared answer is essentially nothing since the little one doesn’t have the words yet and the Teenager just won’t use them. But back to the chalk. So, the boys started drawing …well, technically Teenager started an elaborate drawing which his little brother “helped” to color.

054 051

In fact little guy helped so much that I finally told Teenager if he really wanted to do something creative that didn’t get messed up to go on the other side of the yard where little guy couldn’t get to him. I told him that if he practiced enough perhaps he could do things like this guy:


I was pretty impressed when a while later I went over to see what he had created:


Not bad at all! Oh, and even though he had no little brother to bother him or mess up his creation, he had two animals who apparently would not leave him alone. I discovered this because I noticed there was a cat with pink paws and a big dog with a blue nose. Sadly, I didn’t have the camera handy to snap photos of this but you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was cute.


June said...

Very creative!!! I am sure the birds will be adding to this materpiece any day!!!!lol

Margaret in WV said...

I loved the line about how they answer the question "how was school." And we're really impressed with Teenagers art skills.