The lure of the Target Dollar Spot

Okay, I must admit I have a problem. At first I told myself that I needed additional notepads, sticky notes and magnetic dry erase boards for the fridge and who could resist such things priced at only a dollar? (Of course, Target knows this, and it’s all part of their evil plan.) But then it got out of hand. I mean, yes, they are only a dollar (though a few things are a couple dollars) but when you spot myriads of enticingly cute and functional baskets, buckets, placemats, toys, crayons, board books, etc. you suddenly wind up with twenty bucks worth of stuff. And your husband’s asking: “what’s with all the Hello Kitty pencils in the house”? So, I guess I need to reel it in and not stop at the Dollar Spot so often . And I’m going to do it. Of course, not until after the holidays.


Julie@My5monkeys said...

what about the dollar tree-- that places is just as bad sometimes too.

Margaret in WV said...

But you get so much for that $20! Compare that bag to the one for $20 from the grocery store.

Momish said...

I get suckered in like that every time too! My house is full of those silly $1 items.
And P.S. #303 did think about it. My comment was meant to be funny (perhaps in too subtle a way), but more importantly, supportive. Headless indeed! Where are peoples' heads these days?