Conversations with Little Guy

The fact that our little guy will now actually have even somewhat of a conversation is remarkable in and of itself. We are pleased with his progress with speech and are beginning to hear more and more from him all the time. The following brief exchange was one of those "have to share" moments. We were asking him about our animals names; the dog, Murray and the cat, Chloe.

Us:  Little Guy, what is our Doggie's name?

LG: Murwy.

Us: Good job!  Now what is our Kitty's name?

LG: Cat!


I guess the combination of "chl" was way too much to ask for at this point!

Now that little guy is learning more and more words and even knocking out a few sentences look for more upcoming episodes of "Conversations with Little Guy"!  As always, he's sure to entertain.

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