Medieval Toddler Time Out


A close up view of the little guy in "jail":


And while I'm sharing a couple Ren Faire photos, doesn't this one of the Teenager pretty much say; "My parents dressed me up in this ridiculous costume, dragged me to this stupid Faire and now I have to pull my little brother in this wagon all day." Yep, that's about what it says all right.



Joanna said...

That is so cute! What a perfect pouty face. Our family has to miss Ren Faire this year, and I've been itching to dig out my corset and wear it around town.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love the teen! We're missing the faire this year. This was the one weekend we could go and it is cold and rainy

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

those are cute pics..loved the toddler time out.