Pumpkin Patch Fun & other Amusements

Every year our family looks forward to our pumpkin patch trip and it's our tradition to dress the boys in their pumpkin patch shirts/outfits and take photos amongst the pumpkins. Our very first "family of four" trip took place when little guy was a mere 8 weeks old.
(Oh my gosh, they both are so little!)
Here they are this year:
PP 09
As with most holidays, I've had a lot of fun finding themed outfits for the little guy and usually come up with something cute, though sadly the pickings get slimmer the older he gets. Ironically, Teenager's favorite color is orange and he's happy to throw on an orange shirt for the event.

Back when we used to actually buy our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch we noticed a couple problems with that; A) we were getting them too late in the season (I like to have them outside the front door the beginning of October) and B) they were really expensive. With this economy and that whole stay-at-home-mom gig I've got going on we decided last year to just look for the best pumpkin price at one of our local markets. We saved a tidy sum doing this last year and so this year we thought we'd go one better and plant our own. Here's the thing about that; I heard somewhere that they didn't need to go in the ground until June and told hubby to hold off last Spring when we planted the rest of the garden. Well, it's late October and this is what our pumpkin patch looks like.
As you can imagine, I hear daily about how he "should have planted those pumpkins earlier." Oops. Sorry Honey!  So, needless to say, we bought our pumpkins--but we found some good deals on them! Anyway, onto the Pumpkin Patch trip (but not to buy pumpkins). We went to a Pumpkin Farm this year that also has a huge flower farm, a corn maze (that got a little blown over in some recent high winds) and cute animals.

Here's a little slide show:

And finally, I must share with you the most amusing part of the trip. Along the way we noticed the following "tractor crossing" sign.
sign 1

Then as we drove by several wineries we noticed a different tractor crossing sign and simply had to take a picture.
sign 2

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