Non-Soliciting Solicitors

I may as well hang a sign that says “Please solicit our home - I’m begging you”.
What is it with door-to-door salespeople/solicitors of various descriptions ignoring the basic “No Soliciting” request? I love the various excuses for why their particular activity is not “soliciting”. The “free” offers, the surveys, fund raisers, donations to charity requests and our personal favorite, religious recruitment.

One of the new things seems to be offering to clean your carpet for free—one room—I suppose just so you’ll realize how filthy the rest of it is and be willing to have the whole house cleaned right at that point. I enjoy it when the free carpet cleaning guys come around now because they have no comeback upon hearing: “Oh, I’m sorry, we have no carpet- it’s all wood floors.” Ha!

But we do get annoyed at the myriads of supposedly non–soliciting solicitors who show up despite our sign. Over the years the hubby and I have discussed various possibilities for an effective No Soliciting sign.

I’ve thought about simply spelling it all out:


But then I realized I need to make exceptions for Girl Scouts and their delicious cookies as well as some religious organizations because frankly, hubby loves the debates and it gives him something fun to do.

Then the hubby comes up with more strongly worded ideas such as:

I however have come up with a more productive idea:

And if that’s not enough to make them turn and run:


Julie@My5monkeys said...

thats funny and I agree about the girl scouts cookies, but I don't have carpet is good.

Mandy said...

I linked over to your blog from your funny comment on Seriously so blessed....and I just had to laugh at your solicitors comments! I have also figured out that I can tell the difference between an adult ringing the door bell and the pesky neighbor kids 3 rings in a row.
BUT, a note of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) I think you might get a missionary or two that would willingly do all chores asked in return for a couple of religious never know! :)