So long Zeros – We’re Ready for the 10’s!

It’s that time of year again…time to say farewell to this year and usher in the new one. A new decade in fact.; the 10’s (if that’s what we’re calling them.) Was it a whole ten years ago we were all running around worried about potential Y2K disasters? Yep, 1999 was ten years ago. I recall when that Prince song came out in the 80’s thinking that 1999 and the year 2000 were so far off. And speaking of the 80’s I actually remember NYE 1979 as a kid; I was watching a show and the Village People were singing a song about being ready for the 80’s. Apparently now stuff from the 80’s is considered retro. Much like when I was a kid 50’s stuff was considered oldies. Now that I’ve confirmed my antiquity here and depressed myself a little with that little trip back in time, let me get on with my point.

Like many other people I’m sure, I’m hoping this new year and new decade bring many positive changes. So many have experienced the various trials and calamities of the economy and we were certainly no exception. However, necessity is the mother of invention and thus we’ve actually been led into a brand new venture that we’ll be sharing with you. We’re looking forward to announcing the details here shortly after the New Year so stay tuned.
Here’s to a happy New Year!

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