Your chance to own an original piece of artwork

So here’s the deal folks: little guy recently brought home this painting from school:

LGwtrclr1 (2)
and where most “artwork” he does is a scribble here and there, I looked at this and thought it was pretty creative. I’ve seen things in art galleries that actually looked like they were done by a three year old at pre-school, so I turned to the hubby and said jokingly that we should auction it off on eBay. He of course laughed and he’s still laughing. But then I thought about all the ridiculous crap people actually do sell on eBay; about this time a couple years ago it was the postcards from Poland prank. There are numerous items people claim are “haunted” or contain the spirit of their dear departed Aunt Matilda that they want to unload. And it seems like every time we turn around we hear about yet another grilled cheese sandwich or piece of toast containing the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. So why not? At this point, it’s more or less another one of my hair-brained ideas and I know this. If you want to take a look at the eBay listing it’s here. The auction ends two days before Christmas. The hubby says if it actually sells “it will be a Christmas miracle”.


June said...

Beautiful little guy! A budding artist...priceless!

Julie@My5monkeys said...

what awesome drawing.Not going to put a bid on it because I have my cuties to watch their art work.