The Economy, Finances & That New Thing

As mentioned in my end of the year post, we’ve begun a new venture around here. Actually, more than one, but I’ll focus on one at a time. Here’s how it all happened: As we all know, the economy has been awful and things are not going well financially for many people out there. We, along with many others, have been victims of decreased income, increased expenses and other financial calamities. Now, there are only so many options when the going gets tough and many of the options are less than ideal to put it mildly. In our household we did not have to take any of the really drastic approaches, fortunately. But during the last year or so we started making various changes here and there in an effort to reduce our expenses, save money and do more with less income.

One of the changes we made I have mentioned here; using a Cash Budgeting System along with a Cash Budget Organizer, but this is just one of many strategies we’ve used. Some of the strategies resulted in big savings and others smaller, but when all was said and done we realized we’d managed to shave a very significant amount off our expenses without reducing our standard of living. We then started realizing that a lot of the things we did were quite creative (and to be clear, by “creative” I actually mean creative, not, you know, illegal) and that many folks out there are not aware of some of the simple strategies that can save money, reduce bills and household expenses and allow a person to do more with less income. And they don’t involve crazy, complicated coupon schemes, dumpster diving or eating lima beans every night.

As I started talking to people about this, it became apparent that many of our money saving solutions could help other people who’ve been affected by the economy or simply want to learn how to spend less and live more. It was suggested by friends that I should consider offering my expertise to others who could benefit from it. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to:


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