2 out of 3

A while back I wrote about how I knew the time was fast approaching that we’d need to tackle some baby/toddler transitions and how I dreaded my baby not being a baby anymore. Because essentially I knew we were looking at going from a crib sleeping, diaper-wearing, binkie using baby to a kid who would sleep in a bed, wear underwear and give up his beloved binkies.

This last week we managed to hit two out of three and we’re pretty darn proud of this feat. It all started when I told the little guy that he simply had to give up his binkies; he was too old and it was time. When I’ve tried this before, there was much screaming and wailing. This time I knew I had to bite the bullet and just do it. I told him that there were other babies, little babies, that needed the binkies and we were going to give his binkies to them. Then I told him that if he could take a nap without a binkie when we woke up I’d give him two M & M’s. He agreed, and reluctantly took a short nap. When he woke up he asked for his M & M’s and stated he wanted to “see the babies”. I gave him his M &M’s and later that night when it was time for bed I told him if he could go to sleep with no binkies he’d get 5 M & M’s in the morning. The night was pretty rough, there was a lot of waking up asking where his binkies were and when we’d remind him he’d again state he wanted to see those babies. But he made it, got his 5 M & M’s the next morning and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!

Next up we needed to get this kid out of his crib. He was way too tall as you can see here. 2big4crib

Ironically though, he liked his crib and did not try to get out. But it was time. Daddy worked on refinishing a cute, old mahogany bed that was a steal at a secondhand store. Then this last weekend we set it up, complete with his new bedding and side rail and the “Big Boy” bed was ready. He loved it and was so excited! The first night he was a tad apprehensive because it was new, but he went to sleep and has been talking about how much he loves his new bed ever since.

006 011

Now....it’s on to potty training!

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