The Gripe and Whine List

You know how “they” say to remember what you have to be thankful for and focus on the positive? Today I don’t feel like doing that. Yes, I do have much to be thankful for, I do need to focus more on the positive and honestly I strive to do that (most of the time), but sometimes you just have to gripe. So, if you were looking for a feel good post complete with rainbows and unicorns you might want to move along.

Here in no particular order are the things that are currently irritating me:

Rain and cold – I’m over winter now, thank you.

The healthcare/insurance situation is completely ridiculous. Something needs to be done.

The cat’s depressed (see post on loss of dog to understand why) and consequently keeps us up at night meowing. We really need some sleep.

I really, really need outdoor exercise. See “rain & cold” issue above.

Weight loss is not going well and I’m running out of pants. Also, I don’t think it’s humanly possible for my thighs to get any larger however, I do not want to test this theory.

I’m coming up on yet another birthday. I say “yet another” because I just had one. At least it feels like it. I’m still trying to adjust to not being in the thirties any longer. Not that there’s anything wrong with being in my forties, I’m just irritated with being older. I’d probably deal with it better with smaller thighs. *sigh*

I could think of a lot more, but then it would just sound pathetic and complain-ey. Oh wait, it probably already does. But I’m ok with that.

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