The Other New Thing

I mentioned that we’ve started two new ventures around here and have already announced one of them, SimpliSave. Now it’s time to officially announce the other one.

We’ve started a new jewelry line! We are now designing and creating handmade items featuring recycled glass, vintage silver flatware, vintage beads and pearls and other glass beads. This is actually the Hubby’s business as he is the one hand crafting all the pieces. I basically model everything and do the photography and web site.

Amusingly, when this all started the hubby made a comment about how it wasn’t very manly to make jewelry. I pointed out however that anything involving power tools and a blow torch is about as manly as it gets.

So here you go folks:


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June said...

Very nice and creative pieces...great he is using recycled materials. Best of luck in your new can bet I'll be placing orders when its gift giving time!!