Future Dreams and Current Gratitude

A few months ago I set out to do a vision board; one of those things where you use pictures as representations of things you would like to have and happen in your life. I think this is a great idea and it makes a lot of sense to create a “vision” you can refer to in a tangible form. But then I got to thinking, how much of this is too much wishful thinking and not enough reality? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not okay to dream because I think we have to dream to some extent. But I pondered what percentage of dreaming to what percentage of current contentment makes sense in one’s life.

Then it hit me, what if I did something similar in a reverse manner? Well, not making a board of things I don’t want, that would be pretty counterproductive. But what about making a board of the things I do have that I am very glad I do; a Gratitude Board. That way, I have tangible images to refer to in helping me remember what I have and how grateful I am for those things. For instance, one thing on my Vision/Dream board is being a size or two smaller. But on my Gratitude Board I have being thankful I’m the size I am since I could be a size or two bigger. You see? Along the same lines, this doesn’t mean I've stopped wanting a larger kitchen, but in the meantime, I'm learning to enjoy the things we’ve done to make it work a little better (remember the awesome pantry?) and look a little nicer (a cabinet re-do is coming this spring!)

These are just a couple examples of many, but I thought I would share this little epiphany with you. Maybe it’s just me waxing philosophical, but it seems like until we’re truly appreciating what we already have and are being genuinely thankful for those things, getting more or having better may not be in the cards. I intend to share more of this with you throughout the year as this little experiment of mine manifests itself in real life. I’d also love to hear from you in the comments below about what you think, so feel free to share!


Lissa Nelson said...

I completely agree with you! It seems like we often focus so much on what we want in the future, that we forget to enjoy what we have in the present. (Especially true with kids!) As much as I'm anxious for my baby to get to the next stage, I'm trying to enjoy the cuteness of how he is right now...I could probably do to extend that philosophy to the rest of my life!

Margaret in WV said...

That's incredible! I'm going to do that.

June said...

Very wise thinking! I have a gratitude journal and write something I am thankful for every day. It can be as simple as not getting a bill in the mail or having a sweet salesclerk at the store...when I'm in a sour mood just looking through this gets my mindset right. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences...we all have so much to be grateful for..