Conversations with Hubby

While out for our morning walk with the little guy in the jogging stroller I noticed that each time Daddy went over a big bump little guy would kind of partially fly into the air (partially because he was belted in). It was quite a spectacle since all his limbs would go straight up as if he were about to fly out of the stroller. The following exchange took place.

Me: OMG! Take it easy on the bumps, Honey! Little Guy looked like he was going to take off!

Hubby: Relax dear, he’s strapped in. He’s doing that on purpose!

Me: Oh. So he’s just being overly dramatic about it is what you’re saying.

Hubby: That’s exactly what I’m saying. He is your kid after all.

Me: Ha! Like you don’t have a flair for the dramatics yourself?

Hubby: Well, yes, but you’re the Queen.

Me: At least you admit I’m the Queen of something.

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Margaret in WV said...

Guess that makes him the king of drama, huh?