Conversations with Little Guy: Saying Goodbye to Brother

We have a little routine around here when we say goodbye to each other. My standard has always been to add “be careful!” followed by any number of other cautions according to the situation. One day I half jokingly told the Teenager (who walks a fair distance to school) to “watch out for bad guys”. Little guy being observant as he is, took this info and formed it into his own understanding, which became obvious in this morning’s exchange:

Teenager:  Bye Mom, bye little guy.

Me:   Bye Teenager, have a good day, be careful!

LG:   Bye Buhbuh! Watch out for ghosts, and bazombies and   coconuts!

Teenager:  Coconuts?!

LG:    Yeah, if you see a coconut, shout “Coconut!” and then jump over it and you will be safe.

Sounds like a Scooby Doo episode combined with a Mario Bros Wii game! It’s a new video game in the making right there.

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Margaret in WV said...

Tell Little Guy that Grandmom/Daph will be watching out for those coconuts