Little Guy Entertains

It is truly a bright spot in the day of the life of a stay at home mom to realize the pure entertainment value your children provide is worth all the stress and less than pleasant circumstances life brings.

Take the other evening for example. I hear little guy shout; "Help! I'm trapped!" I run to his room expecting to find the worst; did furniture fall on him? (even though everything is bolted to the wall). Did he wedge himself "Winnie the Pooh" style in a tight spot somewhere? But nothing horrible had occurred. This is what I found;




He'd tied himself to a little chair with a Hawaiian lei while wearing his pirate banana and robot jammies. (Straight from the files of; "I can't make this stuff up!")

Then just last night this happened; I'm lounging on the sofa checking email on my phone when he strikes this pose right in front of me and says "Take a picture". I immediately went into camera function to get this awesome shot:



And at this point, he starts calling me Princess Mommy.

Need I say more?

Summer of Specialness

Hooray, it’s summer! With summertime comes an increase in blog readers. Well, some blog readers anyway since they have more free time during the summer. One such person happens to be a very special reader, aka “Special Reader”. You all remember her, right? If not, be sure to catch up on all the hilarity by clicking on any of the  “Special Reader” posts under the favorites on the left.

SR’s continued visits to my blog are even more intriguing to me now that there is no other possible reason she could be reading my blog other than for the pure entertainment value it provides which loosely translates into; “she likes me!” Or at least likes reading my posts. Why do I say there is no other reason? Well, back when she discovered this blog, we were still embroiled in numerous court battles involving Teenager’s care and custody. Naturally, hitting on the blog of someone you’re attempting to take child custody and support away from can be a goldmine. Or rather it could be if said blogger both engaged in and mentioned things that could be helpful to that cause. You know, like I run a meth lab, have concocted an elaborate money-making scam or am a stay-at-home-mom by day and hooker by night. Of course none of those things are remotely true, but I’m sure she was hoping!

So back to why she could only be reading now for my witty prose; since Teenager has now both hit the age of 18 and graduated from High School this means SR’s husband, aka my wasband, is no longer required to support his son in any way (sadly, “no longer required” to him translates into “no longer will”.) Now that child support and shared child custody has officially ended and SR can’t be a thorn in my side in any way, shape or form there is nothing left but her intense interest and curiosity in my life as a reason to read my blog. Of course, I completely understand this because yeah, I’m pretty entertaining, if I do say so myself!

I would never want to take away from Special Reader’s specialness, so every now and then I feel compelled to a write an amusingly sarcastic “tribute” to her. Though I’ve mentioned very little about SR’s specific specialness (in this case “specialness” translates into mean-spirited, evil and illegal crap she’s done over the years) some of you may be wondering how I could possibly hold my tongue and not let her have it on this blog since I know she’s reading it. Well, I’d like to think it’s because I’m trying to be the “bigger person” and while that may be partially true, I also fully believe Karma can be a real *&$#! and if she hasn’t already experienced some form of retribution in some area of her life I have no doubt she will. Of course, there are other things I’d like to tell her, too, like how to use Twitter (HINT: you have to actually have followers and perhaps also follow some other people, otherwise you’re just writing notes to yourself in cyberspace.) But you know, some things she’ll have to come to on her own. It’s more special that way.

We actually left town

So, this past weekend we left the kids behind and got out of town. This is a momentous occasion because we haven’t gone anywhere together overnight since the little guy was born. It was more than due time. The reason for the occasion was quite momentous in itself; a high school reunion; the hubby’s 30th to be exact. With complete faith in Teenager to hold down the fort, and neighbors on alert and lookout in case of emergency along with plenty of typed instructions we headed out. The Reunion was held out of town (and quite a ways from where hubby actually
went to High School.)

 Snow on the ground on the way Entering Reno
The hubby had a great time connecting with old HS buddies and plenty of the girls raced up to hug him. He was told how he "hadn’t aged and still has the same face." Yep, that’s my hubby, alright! Sadly, we neglected to have anyone snap a photo of us with our phones so we’ll have to wait to see the official reunion pics the photographer took, but we looked pretty good! I actually found a dress to wear that was in the “Hey, it doesn’t make me look too fat!” category. We had a great time and actually made it all
the way to ten after 11:00 at the evening event.

Dance floor Ballroom
Apparently there was even an “after-party” and I guess this wild bunch pretty much closed down the bars. Considering it’s a “wild night” for us to even make it past 10pm we thought we were really blowing it out. It was tough to sleep knowing my kids were not there…and no snuggles with the little one before night time. But I made it through and even had fun. And yes, we need to get out more.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the little guy seemed to do fine until he realized it was dark and there was no Mommy & Daddy story and snuggle time. He made it through with his big brother, but gave us quite an earful on the phone the next morning about how we needed to “come home now”. He seemed to forgive us once we made it back to town Sunday afternoon and took everyone out for frozen yogurt.
Frozen yogurt

Lines by Little Guy

Upon seeing someone with a facial piercing;

"Mommy, that person has a nail in them."

Lines by Little Guy

As I was preparing to give little guy a haircut, he gave me the following instructions;

"Just a little off the sides....and don't make me look older."