Do 3 Things

It’s nearly Fall which readers know is my favorite season. I am so excited for cooler weather, crispy leaves and burning my Fall candles. I have been gathering together all my favorite Halloween and Harvest decorations and am looking forward to putting them up shortly. Before that happens I need to clean house. It has that “a bomb went off inside” look to it right about now. That would be due to our ridiculous list of projects we’ve got going on and my lack of staying on top of the day to day chores because I’ve become too involved in all the side projects. It’s time for a Fall spruce up around here so I need to get with it.

As stay at home moms know all too well, it’s difficult to stick to a routine of getting certain things done when you don’t have the forced structure of a work day. I’m trying to change that by implementing a new rule for myself. I’m currently typing this blog post on my self-allotted “lunch hour”. Yes, that’s right, I’m giving myself a lunch hour (and setting the timer!) I ate, read a few articles on-line, looked at when my last blog post was published (Yikes! Sorry about that!) and then decided to write this post for you people on my remaining time. See how thoughtful that is? I could be reading some more interesting articles on Yahoo but instead I am blogging/complaining about to my to-do list.

Speaking of to do lists, I’m implementing another rule for myself which I’m calling “Do 3 Things”. I plan to both whittle away at my to do list and do a better job at my daily stuff by requiring that I get three things done each day.  I’ll let you know how it goes after I work out the bugs. The first bug I see is how to number each “thing”, since at the moment I can see that while “picking up the house” might be thought of as one thing right now I think it qualifies as all three, if not more. The main point is this system will allow me to accomplish three things (either to-do projects or daily household tasks) on a daily basis. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and finally decided that since I am a person who likes structure and has been a bit lost without it, I need to self impose structure back into my life so I can actually get things done. Beyond my normal, daily tasks I have some special projects I would like to tackle, but they are things I can’t feel comfortable doing when I have other more pressing things left undone.  I should also mention that some of the special projects are going to allow for some interesting upcoming blog posts. So, be sure to “stay tuned” because good stuff is coming up!

Well, my lunch hour is almost up and I’ve got a family room to pick up, some laundry to fold and find one other “thing” to do!

Lines by Little Guy: Kindergarten Homework

Little guy is enjoying school so far and all seems to be going well. That is until the homework hit. I don't recall there even being homework in Kindergarten years ago when the Teenager went, as I think it's a more of a recent thing. But it's probably a good thing to get them started on it early considering how much knowledge we're trying to cram into their little brains from an early age. So the other day, Daddy was supervising Little Guy as he worked on his assignments and this is what I heard:

   "Daddy, I don't like homework. Can we get a dog so he can eat my homework?"