A little bit of trouble

So far, little guy has been doing quite well in school. He enjoys it, has never complained about going or had an issue with being left there. He’s learning, coming home singing cute songs and so far has avoided most trouble. We’ve only had a couple small incidences. The most recent incident involved his teacher pulling me aside and trying not to smirk too much as she proceeded to tell me that he’d gotten himself into a bit of trouble... for kissing girls. Oh dear. We’ve tried to explain to our very affectionate little boy that we just cannot do that in school and that while it’s okay to hug and/or kiss our family and perhaps close friends outside of school, at school it’s not okay. He was slow to comprehend this concept and we had to more emphatically state that’s it’s a rule, a school rule; “No kissing”. He looked at me quizzically and said; Okay Mommy, but…. where’s the ‘no’ sign?  It took me a moment to understand that he was talking about one of these;

Apparently he felt that if school was going to have a no kissing policy there should be clearly posted ‘no’ signs indicating this. Despite the fact that I had to impress upon my child that he could not do this and it wasn’t okay, as a parent the humor was certainly not lost on me. I have to admit he’s got an adorably amusing point.


momwithfaithandhope said...

Hi - I stumbled upon your blog while googling "SPD". Just so happens you're in CA, and I have reason to believe in the same area as us. I can't seem to e-mail you, but would love to ask you a few questions about SPD if you're open to it. I blog at http://blessedwithsweetpeas.blogspot.com (it's very outdated!) Hoping we can somehow connect. If not, I totall understand your right to privacy! Thanks for sharing your mayhem and how you survive!

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

Thank you momwithfaithandhope for reading and I would be happy to answer any Q's you have that I can. That's one of the reasons I talk about some of the things I do; in case anyone out there needs some kind of help in an area I'm familiar with. I'm sorry you were unable to contact me; if you click on the email link on my profile page of the blog, it should work. Give that a shot and when I get a chance I will visit your blog to try to connect with you as well.