What I'm doing differently this year

So, it’s a new year. Already. I have a very positive feeling about this year and honestly think some pretty great things are going to occur. I feel like various steps I took in 2011 (otherwise known as one of the crappiest years ever in my world) are paving the way to a more positive 2012. I’ve definitely got some goals for this year. I wouldn’t so much call them resolutions, though I guess it’s roughly the same thing…I think I just like “goals” better.

Since getting in enough exercise is always a goal, here’s an update about that running thing that I keep threatening to actually do (more than once in a blue moon). Taking advantage of the Teenager’s time off between semesters he and I went out running this morning during little guy’s school day. We did a new route I’d previously mapped out for walking and though I intended to do walking with spurts of running the Teenager, quite the drill sergeant, insisted I run the whole thing. This particular route is nearly 3.6 miles which is more than I’ve run on a regular, non-race run, so I am pretty happy about it. Of course I had a hard time keeping up with my 19 year old son and would have had a better chance with little guy (well, maybe) but nevertheless I ran it and am glad I did.

It’s been suggested that perhaps running is just not my thing, and while I agree that could be possible, I am not ready to come to that conclusion just yet. You see, I know I’ve not been pushing myself. I tend to shy away from difficult things and that’s something I want to change. I think in my late thirties until now I decided that I’d dealt with enough difficult crap to fill a lifetime and instead have chosen to take the “easy path”. Whether that be in exercise, eating, house up-keep or even relationships, I’ve just taken the easy way even if it wasn’t good for me or fair to me. Well, I’m done with that now. I’m kicking it into high gear as far as things in life that are difficult but worth it. That means doing things like running a little harder, making the extra effort to cook a little better, and even removing myself from relationships that aren't healthy and positive and making and nurturing ones that are. (Disclaimer: just so readers don't read into that last statement anything regarding marriage, all is well on that front so that is not a statement to suggest any changes in that area!)

Speaking of exercise, I’ve been doing Yoga now along with other cardio and strength videos. The other day when the Hubby and I did our workout (& he did the yoga video for the first time) I was amazed at the things I could do. It was even better when a complicated move would come up and I’d hear the Hubby say; “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Yep, it’s going to be a great year.

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June said...

Good for you...pushing oneself is the only way you will get ahead...even baby steps add up! Keep up the good work!!! Happy New year.