From Speech Delay to Hilarious YouTube Video

Hello people, it’s been a while. I promise you’ll find it worth the wait when you get a look at what I have for you today.

So, this summer the Teenager has been keeping himself entertained with various YouTube videos when he’s not working one of two jobs or hanging out with friends. The little guy stumbled upon his brother watching this amusingly goofy video of a popular YouTube sensation, Danny, who creates numerous videos on his show the "Gradual Report”. When little guy began imitating him, copying the entire video nearly word for word and capturing his dead-on tone and mannerisms we did what anyone would do; grabbed the video camera and started filming. It was so hilarious we’ve been cracking up ever since he started this a couple months ago. As readers of SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem are already aware, little guy was once considered severely speech delayed and in speech therapy from age 17 mos. to nearly age 4 when he entered mainstream Kindergarten which he recently completed.

The original video is entitled “The History of the the Whoopie Cushion” and as if the whoopie cushion itself wasn’t already funny, the delivery and story behind it, as told by Danny, is hilarious. You need to watch his video first and then watch little guy’s own version below it. Enjoy!