Valentine's Day Gone Awry

I thought I would share with you my comical Valentine's Day mishap.

I’d been planning for some time a special little surprise for my hubby for Valentine’s Day. I had gathered several themed decorations and bought some of his favorite treats with the idea that the day before I would go to his office once he left work and decorate his workspace to the hilt so he would be surprised when he walked into work on Valentine’s Day. I had emailed his office weeks ago to inform them that I would be coming in the day before to decorate his cubicle.
The additional challenge in all this was our recent move. I knew it would be hard to actually find all this stuff in a jungle of boxes in our new home, so I’d cleverly hidden all the décor items in my car and put the treats in a duffel bag that I kept track of during the moving chaos. (More on the move later.)

In order to execute this plan,  after picking up the little guy from school yesterday I had to drive him up to the college, wait for his big brother to get out of class and hand him off so the two boys could head home together and I could be free to work unhindered by the little guy.
Establishing an “alibi” for myself by telling the hubby I would be doing some afternoon shopping with a friend, I waited in my car near his office for him to leave work. Once our family locator map app had shown he had left the office and was across town, I was in the clear and drove over to his office. No visitor parking was available, so I parked in the back forty and got the items out of the back of the car. With big red bag in hand, I headed across the parking lot towards the front door of his office building. Then, off in the distance I saw it….his car! And worse yet, he was sitting in it! In a moment of sheer panic I froze and attempted to hide behind a bush. The next thing I know, my phone rings and it’s the hubby. I tried to act casual and then came the words; “I just saw you walking across my parking lot…..ummm, should I maybe not have seen you?”  As you can imagine, things only went downhill from there. My surprise was blown.

I did however make it known that I wanted “full credit” for this!
I love you Honey! Happy Valentine’s Day! 
*Photo depicts what it would have looked like in his cubicle.

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