Letters from WWII

My Dad has been gone well over a decade now and I just realized the other day that if he were still alive he’d be over 100. Yes, that makes me old, but he was also quite old when I was born. Both he and my Uncle Roy served in the Army during WWII. Dad stayed stateside, said it was his “flat feet”. Uncle Roy however went to Germany. The stories of his time there are incredible. Shocking. Sad. And at times even hilarious. Oh, and a little naughty. Apparently Uncle Roy was quite a character. I never met him, he died at an early age and years before I was born. Thankfully, I have a lot of family history to read through and look through as apparently my dad saved everything. The photos are wonderful of course, but a person could easily get lost in the letters written during the war. I have several sets to and from members of my family but the letters from Uncle Roy to my dad while he was in Germany (& even before he shipped out and spent time in Oklahoma) are fascinating. So I will be sharing various excerpts from them in the days, weeks and probably even months ahead. I hope you enjoy this little slice of history.

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