WWII Letters: Dec 26, 1943: Training Hard - Thrilled with New Pants

I’m intrigued by these letters as they really are telling a story. As unfortunate as it is that it’s war, the stories within the story are entertaining, as are the colloquialisms of the time. I chuckled over how excited my Uncle Roy was to get the pants (remember him asking for these two letters ago?) that my dad sent him.

Dec 26, 1943

Uncle Roy writes:

“Your letter received and also the pants. Gee! These pants are sure nice and the material is swell. They fit me perfectly. The guys think they are the best they’ve seen yet. I never had them 10 minutes before I had the whole bunch offering to buy them. They sure beat these blanket ones we have. Thanks!”

“Our furloughs start on Jan 15 and I’m hoping I get one of the first ones. Boy, I’m sure trying to save for it (the fare is $45) because I want to come home pretty bad. For one thing Gertrude seems to be sore at me (probably heard of some of my wolfish doings) and has stopped writing.”

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