WWII Letters: Jan 19, 1944; Training Gets Tougher – Things get Racier

So I mentioned I wasn’t going to censor. This letter was a bit on the shocking side when I read it. Apparently Uncle Roy finally gets that pass. And from the sound of things he takes full advantage of it. After reading the second quote, the final sentence is hilarious.

Jan 19, 1944

“We are going from 14 to 18 hours a day – hardly time to sleep even. Top that off with KP, guard duty and other company details and you really have something. This is a slave outfit and I don’t mean maybe.”

“ I was in Tulsa on a 3 day pass a couple of weeks ago and boy did I have fun. It is a large town and Ben, I’ve been in a lot of cities but I’ve still got to see one that compares with Tulsa as far as women go. Holy smoke, all you got to do is stand around and one will come up to you and practically fall all over you. Darn good looking babes too. The first night I was there in 3 hours I was up in a babes apt. drinking her whiskey and making love to her at the same time. No fooling, Ben, I’ve never seen the equal of it. The people just turn the town over to the soldiers. Hospitable as heck. Boy! I go in town as often as I can.”

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