WWII Letters: Oct 31, 1943, Camp Gruber Oklahoma

Uncle Roy in the Army 1943 (left photo ) Dad & Uncle Roy 1936 (right photo)

Basic Training and New Pants

Here is the first of many letters from which I will be sharing excerpts. Just a little disclaimer: in these letters there is some language and other bits of naughtiness, shall we say. I've decided that I'm not going to do any censoring of the content. It's part of history and it was war.

Uncle Roy is in basic training at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma.  In a letter to my dad he writes:

"The old timers here tell me this is the toughest basic training they ever saw. Boy, we are going 8 to 20 hours a day, night time, rain or shine. 20 mile hikes with full filled packs, what a work out."
   Later in the letter there's this amusing little section:

"Can you get me a pair of OD's pants? Size 32 waist-33 long. Mine look as if they were cut from a blanket-thick and a hell of a bull shit brown, new stuff I guess. I know that you being in for so long know the angles and probably can line me up a pair. Hard finish, twill if you can. Thanks, Ben old kid."

This is only the beginning folks. I've got lots to share and it only gets more interesting. Uncle Roy ships off to Germany and continues to write my dad. In addition, I have many other letters during the war, both to and from other family members as well as friends of both my dad and uncle Roy. There are lots of interesting stories.


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