When Cosplay is part of your Weight Loss Strategy

This all started as a family joke about different characters we thought each of us resembled. Years ago on two different Halloweens, my boys dressed as Shaggy and Scooby. The “little guy” had a Scooby costume and the college kid (then a high school kid) grew a goatee, threw on a green V neck and brown pants and was a fabulous Shaggy. 

Well, fast forward a few years and we started getting fun ideas about dressing up as various characters (which the College kid actually told me is “Cosplay” something I assumed was only scifi characters and such in conventions!)  So this brings me to my long time struggle with weight loss. Recently the college kid grew a goatee and thinking of him as Shaggy got me to think I could totally be Velma. A few thrift store trips later and I had the clothes. Now, normally I would not post such a ridiculous and unflattering photo of myself. But I am fed up with my weight and need to get serious about sticking to my plan (I am currently a Lifetime -not at goal- WW member.) So I figured if I could hold myself accountable by posting this picture for all the world to see, then perhaps it would motivate me to do the things I need to do to successfully lose this weight once and for all. Sure, I could just stick to a diet and not involve costumed characters, but what fun would that be? Oh, and also, before all the body positive types start saying I’m body shaming poor Velma, let’s keep in mind she was a cartoon character. #fromVelmatoDaphne

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