While stopped at a light...

An interesting thing occurred to me while I was out running some errands this morning. As I was stopped at a light I was treated to the charming sounds of the car stereo next to me...it went something like: “Boom, thump, swear, unintelligible garble, angry words, swear, boom, thump.” Like I said, charming. So much so in fact that I could have rolled down my window, leaned over and said; “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?”. Yeah, it was classy. As I listened to the ridiculous, loud, ignorant noise coming from this vehicle with significant irritation I noticed the vehicles ahead of me in both lanes were sporting Yes On 8 bumper stickers. It was then it occurred to me that what the Yes on 8 campaign is saying is much the same as what was spewing forth from the car stereo next to me...basically it's loud, hateful and ridiculous noise. The Yes on 8 folks might not be swearing, but I can assure you that whatever language they are using, to those of us who just want to see folks treated fairly it evokes much the same feeling as listening to the garbage on that stereo. Nothing says “classy” like trying to take away someone’s rights while loudly proclaiming your own as more valid or deserving.

Grey Poupon, anyone?

Well, it is an Election Year!

So, I’m going to address this topic once again. It’s not only one of most controversial propositions but is also shaping up to be one of the costliest races in the nation (except for the presidential election). Yes folks, I’m talking about Prop 8. I was pleased to hear about the new No on Prop 8 commercials. In a first ever move, two YouTube videos originally produced by supporters completely independent of the campaign will be used. Ironically, I had already included one of them; "Constitution" (the original longer version) on SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem in the post What Dooce and I Have in Common. The original version of the other video being used is below...a great little spot simply entitled “Moms”. As a Mom, I want my children to grow up in a world in which the values they learn are based on love, fairness, compassion and understanding. I do not want them to be taught that it’s okay to shun, hate or treat differently anyone just because they don’t think, look or act a certain way or that any one way is “better” than the other.

And as far as this election goes, I think humorist David Sedaris summed it up best when he said:

“I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat.

“Can I interest you in the chicken?” she asks. “Or would you prefer the platter of crap* with bits of broken glass in it?”

To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked.”

*edited for language- just keeping it clean—well, you know, as clean as it can be, we are talking about politics here

It’s amazing it wasn’t me this time

Saturday morning as I was sitting in the dining room I heard a loud thud come from the back of the house. A few minutes later the hubby appeared around the corner to announce that I had managed to leave an usual amount of water on the bathroom floor after my shower. Apparently the loud thud was the hubby taking a fall. I felt horrible and immediately asked if he was okay to which he responded “not really”. I apologized for the water all over the floor (not sure how I did that) and spent the rest of the day feeling bad for hubby who was having some aches and pains especially in his tailbone. Of course, even with someone getting hurt we can’t seem to avoid finding the humor in most situations around here. We joked about how it’s generally me who falls or runs into something or otherwise injures myself in some stupid way. The poor hubby was unable to perform his usual Saturday night duties, you know…. taking out the garbage. The next morning I asked him how he was doing after his fall. His response was: “Not that great—I think I need a donut”. As you might expect my reply to that was: “Well Honey, I’d love a donut too, but you know we’re on a diet.”

Thank you and be sure to tip your waitresses… I’ll be here all week.

A "fad" I couldn't resist

Okay, I am not real big on trendy stuff and rarely go along with the latest fad. Most of the time I am pretty traditional, especially when it comes to clothing. (Frankly, it took me longer than I'd like to admit to stop wearing basic jeans; aka "mom jeans" and go with the more modern, lower waist/fuller leg style because I thought they were "too trendy".) In fact, last Easter I wrote about how I dressed baby in a very classic, traditional smocked romper despite the current "trend" for boys to wear ultra-casual clothing. So, when I heard of this item that you're about to see debuted below I was hesitant but the "cuteness" factor won me over (along with a really great online deal). So, here's a short video of the little guy's latest thing.

Blog Improvement

As you might have noticed the ‘ol blog has undergone some changes lately. Hopefully for the better! I love my new surroundings and am pleased with the new banner, incorporating the infamous caricature graphic from the old one. But sadly, technical difficulties abound and I am not anywhere near “techie” enough to solve them. *sigh* Even the new banner was unable to be “centered” correctly. Tell me you didn’t even notice until I said something, okay? You know, kind of like when someone has a giant zit in the center of their forehead and complains about it to their friends who say they didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. Then they follow it up with; “it’s not that bad”. Yeah, just like that. I loaded some photos on Flickr last night but have yet to figure out how to actually get it loaded onto the blog. This is when I could really use a computer geek! Yes, I’ve got a hot geek husband, but he’s geeky in more non-computer ways. I’ve also wanted to install a label cloud, a feature that sadly isn’t available as a standard gadget through Blogger so the only way I’ve found to make that happen is to manually install it by following several pages of computer code. Something that is not going to happen. As some of you might have also noticed I added Twitter to the sidebar. I actually signed up for this thing months ago and then never did anything with it or got it installed, so last night I managed to make it work. Note the sarcasm in my Twitter title—I guess it’s one of things where although I think it’s cute in theory, I am not really imagining it being a huge hit. I mean, do you all really want to know little tidbits of what I’m up to? The neat thing is though I'm able to “update” it from my cell phone which proved to be easier than I would have thought. So, I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to know that when I accidentally lock my husband in the garage you won’t be left out of the loop. Oh, and I successfully managed to use Blogger’s “Poll” feature, so do me a favor and “vote” so my small techie success will not be in vain, m’kay? Thanks.

I could have gone as a Pirate

This past weekend we had plans to attend a Renaissance Faire. While taking a shower I somehow managed to get shampoo in my eye. It was burning like crazy and after I got out I called down the hall to the hubby asking for help because I had an “eye issue”. (Apparently he wondered if I’d managed to once again accidentally yank my eyelashes out. For those of you who haven’t heard that particular story click here.) So I filled hubby in on my current tale of woe and asked if he could open up a new bottle of contact solution since this task was too difficult while in significant pain from my eye stinging and I needed to get my contact lens out and rinse it. With tears streaming down my face [and feeling really stupid for actually sloshing shampoo into my eye] the hubby barely holds back the laughter as he says “Well, maybe we can get you an eye patch at the Renaissance Faire!” Yeah, the hubby is hilarious—I can always count on him for coming up with something clever like that. Anyway, eventually my eye felt better and off we went to the Faire. Three of the four of us dressed for the occasion.

Baby was darling in his tunic and hat.DSC00609

Teenager wore his “Court Jester” hat which was a hit amongst all his high school friends he ran into.


And the hubby was dashing in his get-up as well.

He was also eyeing the turkey legs much the same way baby was eyeing the busty women at the last Faire we attended when he was nursing.


A great time was had by all. However, I did not costume-up for this particular event. No, not even an eye patch.

What Dooce and I Have in Common

I knew I shared some common ground with fellow mommy blogger Heather Armstrong aka “Dooce”. Well, okay, not the big advertising dollars or the swearing but we both have “hot geek” husbands! Recently I learned we share even more in common.

I have to give bloggie kudos to Heather for her recent post. Yesterday she shared with her readers some diary entries from her late teens. Reflecting on who we were and looking at who we’ve become is an eye opening experience. Being an avid Diary keeper I often do this myself as it helps me better understand and learn from all I’ve been through and overcome. Her post went on to talk about how her opinions and values changed over the years and how she grew and matured as she started thinking for herself. She closed her post by boldly stating her support for the No on Prop 8 campaign (even though she’s not a CA resident). Of course the flurry of comments were a mixed bag of “Good for you” and “Shame on you” though thankfully the shaming finger waggers were few and far between. In reading some of the negative comments the ignorance of some people came glaringly through. It’s rather shameful that the people who assert their belief in “family values” are the same people who seek to dismantle and vilify others’ families. The folks who claim that religion is part of whatever topic they are debating are the same folks that ignore the other principles of their own faith by judging others, treating them unfairly and a host of other things they seem to ignore. People are using a “pick and choose” plan to suit them when convenient. But that’s a whole other story.

It was nice to see another mommy blogger speaking up to share her view on an issue like this that doesn’t affect her personally but sure affects others in a very negative way. I wish more people would do this. Sadly, we’re seeing quite the opposite lately; folks whose lives are not in any way affected by a proposition seeking to get it passed just to negatively affect others’ lives. Since I’ve already written a post on this issue [California is too Great for Hate] I won’t go into much more other than to say this: people need to understand what this issue is about-- basic civil rights for a group of human beings. And that is something worth blogging about.

Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Topics

For those of you who are new readers of SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem please rest assured that my recent post dealing with a political matter is not the norm around here. In fact, I was initially reluctant to write it in the first place. However, I also feel that when something like this comes along in which some folks are willing to such take drastic measures to affect others in a negative way in addition to lying to scare people into voting for something there ought to be people to willing speak out about it. (Just last night our No on Prop 8 sign was stolen from our yard- less than 48 hours after being put up.) Enough said.

So, normally here at SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem I share with you things like this.....

This weekend we enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch. The boys had a great time and we got some cute photos. Boys PP

I discovered Baby’s new little Levi's jeans are apparently made the same way all jeans are being designed these days…low waist-ed. Sheesh! Although I guess if given the choice seeing baby’s Pampers peeking out somehow seems less ridiculous than the top of someone’s boxers or thong.

After the pumpkin festivities the little guy was ready for a nap and the hubby and I took this opportunity to leave teenager at home with him while we ran some errands. Shopping without an annoyed teenager and screaming baby was a treat. Heck, at this point we’re practically considering it a date. While shopping at Kohl’s we got separated and did the inevitable call-each-other-on-our-cell-phones maneuver. This resulted in a dorky “Where are you?” exchange across a few aisles until we finally met up. Then hubby proudly announces he found something for me; a candle that smells like cupcakes! How timely since I recently blogged about the Britney Spears/cupcake thing.

Earlier today while getting the Fall décor out of the shed [the shed I’ve previously mentioned has containers full of crap we need to go through] the hubby unearthed this little gem that I thought I’d share with you:

1979Holy time machine to the 1970’s! Yes, this is the hubs in his Jr. year of high school. And yes, he did give me permission to share this with you all. I know I’ve got plenty of hilarious photos from my youth as well but those will have to wait. Because, let’s face it, it’s way more fun to show embarrassing photos of your spouse than of yourself. Actually, he doesn’t really consider it embarrassing since according to him he had girls lined up around the block to date him. And go for a ride in his AMC Gremlin.

California is too Great for Hate

Yes folks, this post will be known as The One Where She Got Political. I didn’t intend to “go there” - it was not in the plan when I started this blog but...I’m going there.
For those of you who’ve not yet heard about the incredibly controversial proposition on the ballot for California, it’s Prop 8 which seeks to not only overturn the California Supreme Court ruling which made same-gender marriage legal but also to essentially write discrimination into the constitution by preventing it from ever being legal again. Frankly it’s as ridiculous as turning back time and taking away the right to vote for a gender or a race.

Here’s my take on this situation folks; even if you feel that a same-gender relationship and even a same-gender marriage is wrong it does not make it okay to impose your belief system on others by denying those folks rights. There are people who think that pre-marital relations are wrong. Does telling people “not to” or going so far as creating a law against it stop those people from the activity? Do you think that preventing a legal marriage for a same-gender couple is going to cause those couples to break up? To not live together? To go away? NO! What does it “solve” to tell Linda & Diane or Tom & Dave, “Hey, we think your relationship is wrong, you love the wrong person, therefore we're making certain you can’t have a marriage - a “legal” marriage - ever. So there! Take that!” Does it really make your marriage somehow better to do that? Are Carol and Bob going to have a stronger marriage because they’ve stood their ground in asserting that their marriage, their “traditional” marriage is better because they are opposite genders?

The “Protect Marriage” phrase/movement is ludicrous. It “protects” nothing, and certainly not marriage- it simply denies it for one group. I find it very disturbing that the groups promoting this proposition are using scare tactics filled with false information to further their hateful agenda. Yes, I said hateful, there is simply no other word to describe it. When someone decides that their way of life is somehow better than someone else’s and then seeks to deny the other person’s rights, well, that’s just plain mean, there is no getting around it. It is appalling to think of the money spent to promote this thing--money that could have gone to help those in need, to do some real good for folks who need it, but instead it’s being used to prevent a group of people from having what should be a basic human right. If that isn’t a sad commentary on society I don’t know what is. When people care more about harming one group that helping another I think we all need to more carefully examine our values.

Numerous other “fears” for the so-called consequences of not having Proposition 8 pass have been talked about, many of which are based on falsehoods. I won’t go into all of that here as others have already said it far better than I could but I do want to point out one of these: “Well, if Proposition 8 doesn’t pass then the schools will be able to teach our kids that a same gender marriage is “just as good” as a traditional marriage!” A Sacramento Superior Court judge has already ruled that this claim by the proponents of Prop 8 is “false and misleading” and the “case” they cited was from Massachusetts. Since they knew what California law said they used another state to mislead the voters. There is already a law in place that prohibits the California school system from teaching anything regarding Family Life to your child that you do not want them to hear and learn. So, when it comes time for the kids to learn about Family Life you have the choice to opt them out of the classroom if it’s important to you that they not hear this or anything else relating to the Family Life curriculum. But perhaps you could take a look at this from another perspective. For just a moment, imagine with me if you will that your little Brandon or Caitlin learns [with your consent, of course] in school that there is a such a thing as homosexuality (because it does in fact exist whether you agree with it or not) and that while some people wish to share their life with a partner of the opposite gender others wish to share their life with a partner of the same gender. Don’t you think it’s possible that if we started teaching this basic understanding from an early age that it might just prevent folks who are gay and lesbian from being at best ostracized and at worst harmed and possibly even losing their lives? Don’t you think it’s possible that less misunderstanding and less hate might just happen to equal less violence in the world? Isn’t that something that we should all be looking at quite seriously and doing whatever we can to work towards? I certainly think so. I hope enough other Californians do too.

Stupid Purchase No. 127

I’ve been searching for a new fragrance for quite some time now. I’m pretty picky and end up not liking the way most smell once they're on me even though in the bottle I think they smell great. My newest attempt was Fantasy by Britney Spears. I should probably explain what possessed me to buy this one in the first place. Although I enjoy an upbeat dance tune to motivate me to clean house I am hardly a Britney Spears fan. I purchased this particular fragrance because I heard it smelled like cupcakes. Well, the idea of the scent of cupcakes really appeals to someone who’s on Weight Watchers and practically has a religious experience with butter cream frosted cake products. So, my thinking was “Hey, if I can at least smell cupcakes (with no actual cupcakes in sight to devour) then perhaps it will somehow satisfy my cupcake desire!” But here’s what happened: Not only did I not like how it smelled on me, when I would get asked what fragrance I was wearing I’d have to suffer through the embarrassment of admitting it was from Britney Spears. Yeah. I’m forty for heaven's sake. I’m a stay at home mom and writer trying to lose baby weight and frankly, I’ve got no business wearing Britney Spears perfume. I’m still trying to find my signature scent but I’m thinking it doesn’t smell like cupcakes; it probably smells like coffee and a Weight Watcher’s entrée.

*No cupcakes were eaten during the making of this blog post. Really. I swear.

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Fall Festivities and Frivolity

This is my favorite season and I am so glad it's finally here. The hot weather gets old for me about half way through Summer so I look forward with great anticipation to crisp air and crunchy leaves. I also love when it gets dark earlier and frankly I'm irked they've messed with Daylight Savings Time making it even longer. Maybe that's just me though-- I guess it's popular to have longer days but I actually like having dinner when it's darker.

So it's about time to break out the Fall decor including the Scarecrow who you may remember from this post last year. We are all looking forward to our usual Fall activities including a trip to the pumpkin patch and taking photos of the boys. The last two years in a row the baby has had some cute "pumpkin patch outfits". Sadly, DSCN1817I'm discovering it gets harder to find such things now. I did however find a pretty cute orange and white striped sweater with a pumpkin on it. I told teenager if I'd found one in his size I would have bought it. Then the hubby arrived home from work and saw the little guy's sweater and asked me if I got him one, too. And he was serious. I asked if he'd really wear it and he said yes. I am so looking for a big pumpkin sweater. Sometimes I underestimate that guy.

Entertainment Value of Disorganization

I’ve mentioned a few times that our garage has been an ongoing project. We’ve now successfully cleared out nearly all the “big” baby things we no longer use and have worked our way through several boxes of baby clothes which we’ve sold on eBay. Since we often have something to get rid of via eBay I’ve made it a rule to save any re-usable packing supplies. This includes not only boxes but bubble wrap, "peanuts" and those nifty little air filled plastic pillows that are so great for padding. Whenever we get a package and I want to save the packing supplies I’ve tossed it out into the garage. Yes, I admit, I’ve not taken the time to stop everything I’m doing, make sure the baby’s safe and gone out to find an actual spot for it. My method is simply to open the door and chuck it out there. (Yeah yeah, I can see how the garage got this way. Sort of.) Anyway, this is something that greatly annoys the hubby since the garage of horror has been a major sore spot for us. Well, the other day we drove into the garage and were bombarded with a very sudden; "BANG, bang, bang, bang!" This is when I realized we had just driven over a whole row of air filled plastic pillows making it sound as if we’d been under attack by the mafia with machine guns. After a very surprised reaction which included jumping up a few feet in his seat the hubby shot me a look that said it all. So, I promised to be better about stuff I toss into the garage. Right after I stopped laughing.

Eating my words {and apparently a few too many other things}

For those of you following along on my weight loss journey, or as I like to refer to it: Operation Fit [back into my pants] you might have noticed the ticker did not move this week. It didn’t move because had I gone in to edit it in order to be accurate I would have had to move it the opposite direction. That’s right people, I’ll admit it, this week not only did I not lose weight I gained. And the worst part, even worse than gaining, is that prior to my weigh in yesterday I asked the hubby how he did for the week and he reported he’d lost a pound. Apparently instead of exclaiming; “Honey, that’s wonderful! Good job!” I said something which sounded to him like: “That’s all? Only a pound? When on earth are you going to get rid of that big spare tire you’re sporting?!” But in reality I’m sure it was something closer to; “Oh ok, I’m surprised you didn’t lose more since men tend to lose it faster and easier than women—but just keep it going in that direction Lovechunk” or something like that. So, due to my remarks the hubby tells me that I had better have lost more than a pound when I weigh in at Weight Watchers. Yeah, about that.. oops. Sorry honey! You are the weight loss KING this week.

They're really more like “Doglets”

My folks have a toy poodle named Barney. And by “toy” I mean it could easily be mistaken for one, except of course for the yappity yap yapping oh so common for small dogs. I have never quite understood the small dog phenomenon, which seems to be most prevalent among the older generation. I remember the first time I saw a “dog in a purse”. Then came the doggy stroller. And if that wasn’t enough one on one time with your pooch there’s the doggie carrier so you can have Fido strapped to your chest just like a baby.

dog carrierMy folks have not gotten quite so carried away with Barney but they are pretty crazy about the dog. And by “crazy” I mean, it must be in the same room with them at all times, must have people food, must be held on their laps and to suggest something as outrageous as the fact that they leave the house for more than an hour or two is met with stern objections about how they can’t leave the dog that long.

I must confess the hubby and I are not small dog “people”. We always have been of of the notion that to be “a dog” said animal should actually be bigger than a cat. In fact our cat Chloe, whom you’ve all heard from in her post could take this dog in an instant and we’ve actually had to keep the two of them away from each other during their visits. Our dog, (who I’ve asked to write a guest post but so far he's been too lazy) is about twenty times the size of this poodle and puts up with him most admirably. Murray will put up with Barney barking incessantly at him, chasing after him and even nipping at him to the point of Barney ending up with a puff of Murray’s cream colored fur in his mouth. A couple years ago when the folks were here for Christmas, Barney was harassing Murray by taking his toys and scurrying off with them. Murray was apparently so traumatized by this he took one of his own toys and chewed it up to the point of eating it—we are assuming all in an attempt to keep Barney from getting it. Fortunately it did not hurt him physically, but it was at this point we realized that separating these two might be a good idea to avoid the high cost of doggie psycho-therapy for poor Murray.

Which leads me to my point about small dogs and their owners. Why must people drive with their dog in their lap? Am I the only one who sees the potential danger in this? Children must be in cars seats for their safety as well as our own, we’re told not to hold cell phones while driving but yet it’s okay for Muffy to sit right there as you’re attempting to steer an automobile? The hubby put it quite well when seeing a woman driving along with her poodle in her lap and mentioned he hoped she didn’t have an accident in which her airbag deployed. “Hey lady, you’ve got some poodle on your shirt”.

Fun with Keyword Searches
or You found me how?

Time for a round of “How did you find SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem”?

It’s always amusing to take a look at the key words people type in Google and other search engines to find this site. Let’s take a look, shall we?

If you cut off eyelashes do they grow back?

Thankfully, yes! They also grow back when you accidentally yank them out!

Seriously So Blessed

Who doesn’t love a good parody?

Do Not remove Under penalty of Law

Because the cuteness of this photo says it all.

Letter to neighbors

Neighbors are great, aren’t they?

Why isn’t my husband romantic?

Ah yes, the age old question.

Frugal diaper bags

Inspired by the story involving both diaper bags and frugality but not in combination.

How to survive being a SAHM and surviving being a SAHM

I’m still working on this one. Every day.

Drivers Ed notes

Holy crap! A teen driver in the house.

Snap a picture of my bra

Ok, I rarely do this, but when presented with this photo op I’m afraid I had no choice.

Deadbeat dads and child custody

Yeah. Always a fun topic.

Crazy wife of ex-husband blog stalking

Oh No She Didn’t! aka the infamous “Special Reader” posts.

I told you so!

As you all know, I've been dedicated to Operation Fit [back into my pants] for weeks now and have diligently been walking, counting points and really watching things closely to lose weight. As you might have noticed from my weight loss ticker it's been paying off. I'm currently down by a little more than 5 pounds. The hubby and I have been great about getting up at what we refer to as the butt-crack of dawn to walk and this morning was no exception. That is until an unfortunate incident occurred not more than one minute into our walk. Perhaps you'll recall just two posts ago I mentioned my frequent injuries due to being a big klutz? Well, I no sooner walked across the street when I somehow twisted my ankle on the curb and tumbled to the ground. The hubby describes this as: "walk, walk, splat!" (Yes, he's hilarious that way.) So, hubby helps me up and tends to a few of my boo boos then heads off for a jog with little guy who's all ready to go in his jogging stroller. At least one of us got our exercise this morning. I however got road burn for nothing.

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Happy Blogiversary SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

It’s been one year since I started this thing. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with this whole venture when I started out and I’ve pretty much just let it take it’s own natural course. I find it hard to really describe what this blog is truly about. Sure, it’s a “mommy blog” and there are mommy things in here, but there’s also plenty of other day to day musings on life in general, marriage, home, family, issues like weigh gain/loss, child custody, clutter, simplifying life, just enjoying life and even the occasional recipe. Along the way I’ve had “couldn’t pass-by opportunities” to have a little bloggie fun writing about my “Special Reader” and those posts [Oh No She Didn’t! & Oh No She Didn’t! Part 2] have been some of my more popular ones. The entertaining and amusing things that happen in day to day living are just too fun to not share and I think that’s why I really enjoy writing this blog. Also, I figure there’ve got to be some people out there who find me as hilarious as I think I am. Of course it’s not all funny and there are plenty of topics I don’t even approach. (I don’t want to touch this election with a ten foot pole, thank you!) I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing various tales with my readers. I’d also love to hear from you and welcome your comments and e-mails. To all of you who’ve been following along so far thank you and to those of you newcomers welcome and I hope you all enjoy the stories to come.


And Speaking of Bras...

I decided it was time to get rid of all my nursing tops. After all, baby weaned himself a year ago and they've been sitting in the garage ever since. While I was going through the boxes baby found a nursing bra and discovered a new use for it.
This leads me to a story of when he was born. Somewhere during the middle of my hospital stay I decided I wanted to wear my nursing bra. The problem was I was confined to bed and hooked up to a multitude of things that would be too difficult to remove and replace in order for me to actually get a bra on. My nurse had a creative idea. She thought she would simply thread the straps of the bra over the machines, down the tubes connected to me and eventually up onto my shoulder. It seemed reasonable to me, of course at the time I don't think my brain was in any condition to put much thought into the logistics of such a complex operation. She managed to get the bra over the IV pole and bag, thread it through some more tubing, wires, etc. but somewhere along the way she got lost. She was determined though! She kept at it like one of those brain teaser puzzles and I swear she did not want to give up! Sadly, she could not make her way over to me and her self-created puzzle became so complex Houdini himself couldn't have made it out of this thing. So, you know how you start these things and then can't undo them? Yeah. Well. Ultimately, she could not undo this tangled mess and get the bra off. So I think you know where I'm going with this. For the rest of my hospital stay, I had a bra dangling from my IV unit until I was unconnected and discharged. Unfortunately, neither I nor the hubby thought to snap a picture of this (silly us, we were taking pictures of our new baby!) The hilarity that ensued down at the nurses station from the frequently repeated "Did you see the bra hanging from the IV in room 301?!" was priceless and I'm sure still talked about today.

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Apparently it Runs in the Family

I am not the most coordinated person in the world. I have taken the occasional tumble, spill, head bonk, toe jab among various other injuries. Those who know me find this highly amusing. I however find it highly annoying, both that I hurt myself and am the source of others amusement through my own pain. Yesterday there were no less than three tragedies in our household. During my hosting a houseful of crumb crunchers or shall we call it playgroup, UPS arrived at the door. While trying to hold back a pack of wild hyenas small children I managed to kick my big toe into the edge of the door and against something sharp taking not only a chunk of flesh off my toe but also a chunk of nail polish—I am not sure which was the greater tragedy. (I’m kidding, it’s the nail polish.) Later in the day when Grandma arrived for a visit the little guy was doing his usual “I know you want to hug me so I’m going to run” routine when he stumbled and fell hitting his forehead on the floor. The hardwood floor. So, we applied ice and snuggles and despite the boo boo he was all better within a short time. Then not ten minutes later we all went out to the car to go to dinner and I manage to open the car door on my head creating an almost duplicate boo boo on my own forehead. This is somehow hilarious to the hubby. The next time he’s in a grumpy mood and displaying some “hub ‘tude” I think I may just have to trip over the ottoman or slam my thumb in a door. My talents are limitless.

Birthday party, a couple raccoons and a tricycle

It sure feels like a Monday. I'm dragging today thanks to a 3am wake up. The dog heard a cat squabbling with two raccoons who he then chased up a tree. The hubby woke up and went out to investigate  dressed in Hawaiian print boxers (because what else do you wear when looking for raccoons at 3am?) I wish I had video footage of this whole thing (well, maybe just the raccoons up the tree part) to share with you.

What I can share with you is a few sho2bdayts from the baby's birthday party. Okay, okay, technically now he is not a "baby". He just turned two. That's 24 months for a mommy-in-denial. We had a cute Classic Pooh theme complete with Pooh ears instead of birthday hats. 

I found a darling Pooh & Piglet with a 2 figurine to use both as a cake decor and a keepsake but I underestimated how heavy the thing was. After putting it on the cake it fell backwards so I was forced to prop up Pooh's bum with a few Altoids. [In thinking about it, that might have made a better title for this post.]


As the little guy was opening gifts we saw this little entertaining sequence of events.....




The big birthday gift was a tricycle. Daddy has been very busy lately and did not have a chance to assemble it, so right after the party teenager assembled the whole thing himself for his little brother. We are all impressed.  After nap time, the little guy hopped on. He doesn't have the hang of it quite yet but he sure loves being pushed around on it!


Math skills and an update

So, I want to announce that we are now on day four of Operation Fit [back into my pants] and it's going quite well! I'll have you know that not only have I managed to stay on track with my WW points but hubby and I have been getting up at 5:45-ish to go power walking four days in a row. Yea us! Here's the thing about this whole eating plan: not only does it all boil down to choices and planning (Planning people! I tell you it's necessary for nearly everything!) but some mathematical calculations as well. I'm anal about these things because I've learned I have to be.

"If there's one thing I've learned about weight loss it's that it requires planning. If I fly by the seat of my pants it means I'll need bigger pants."

The continuing Weight Loss saga


If there’s anything I know from years helping people organize and simplify home and life it’s the need for plans and routines. You really do need some sort of a routine/strategy/plan for basic daily tasks and it's necessary for things like diet and exercise as well. Our previous weight loss and exercise routine clearly needs to be revamped. In a nutshell, here’s what’s happened; I was doing Weight Watcher’s pretty faithfully though I’d been struggling with my loss of points/food when baby stopped nursing (i.e. I was still eating too much) and I had stopped going to meetings because baby-cranky-pants was not cooperating. As far as exercise, I had been getting up to do the elliptical while baby slept then trying to hurry and get a shower before hubby left for work. I have to admit that I’ve let it all fall apart over the last few weeks and have done nothing towards a healthy, weight loss oriented eating plan and exercise routine. Basically, it’s all pretty much went to he** in a hand basket at this point. I’ve now learned precisely what happens when I allow this to occur; I gain a bunch of weight, don’t feel good and the husband has to hear me say “Honey, I don’t have any pants that fit!” on a regular basis. (Oh, and the hubby also accuses me of “shrinking his clothes in the dryer”, but that’s another story.) So, it’s time for some action around here. I figure maybe if I actually post this for all the world to see I can hold myself accountable more so than just keeping my intentions to myself. So here’s what I’m doing: I’m going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow (wish me luck on keeping the little one happy during the meeting!) I’m pulling out my handy-dandy menu board the hubby and I created to plan dinners, and the hubs and I are planning to get up early, put baby in the baby jogger with his sippy cup of milk, and head out walking/jogging most mornings before he has to go to work. In addition, as the weather starts to cool off we are going to get out for more weekend morning bike rides as well as weekday afternoon bike rides when the Fall weather hits. (It’s just been too hot for this lately.) In all honesty when I am sticking to the WW plan it is doable and does leave room for splurging without blowing it and that’s why I like the program. But on a daily basis, it does take discipline and a lot of creative food planning to eat healthy, feel satisfied and not go over the points allotment. It’s frustrating that it is in fact harder to take weight off the older you are. Yet another reason why we need to step it up with the exercise. For those of you who’ve been reading a while you may recall this idea of mine which never really got off the ground. I’m sure you also recall me previously mentioning my attempts at weight loss and falling off the wagon before in more than a couple of posts. As I’ve said, I would truly love to be one of those “results not typical” cases where I can proudly boast about my successful weight loss efforts and exercise payoffs. And frankly, having recently turned forty I would also love to “look good for forty” and feel like it, too. So, you are all welcome to follow along with me on my journey with weight loss, exercise and self improvement. I have a few goals in mind I’ll share with you; in addition to getting back down to a healthy weight for me [I’m not going to pin down an exact number, but somewhere in the 130’s-140’s range is realistic] and losing inches around the “widest” parts of me, I’d like to also feel comfortable enough to wear two things I’ve not worn in quite some time, namely, a skirt that does not look like I just stepped off the prairie and white or beige colored pants [for next summer, of course!] They say dark colors are slimming and it stands to reason that light colors do the opposite because I’ve always felt like I looked wider than the broad side of barn in light pants. And frankly, if I wear khaki color pants I resemble “Pat” from SNL. Not a good look for me. Feel free to join me on this journey and share your own insights and experiences. Stay tuned for updates!

When all else fails, cuteness prevails

*Hold mouse over photo for captions.

Just another Morning of Mayhem

This morning while I'm getting a screaming baby out of bed the teenager tells me its picture day. The notice the school sent home said it was suppose to be tomorrow, but he informs me that it’s according to when their schedule has a free period and it’s today! Yikes! (And thanks for letting me know at the last possible second.) Luckily, we’d already picked out the shirt he’d be wearing and I'd already started filling out the order form but still had to go online to pay (or find the checkbook and I wasn't about to attempt that). So, after changing a poopy diaper I hurriedly hop online to pay for school pictures. At this moment I’m thinking, what on earth would I do with more kids?! Thank heavens hubby is relatively self sufficient because frankly if I had him yelling from the other room; “Honey, where are my brown socks?!” that would be it. So, while getting the little one in his highchair and putting together a “breakfast on the go” for teenager who has no time to sit down I notice that once again he’s gotten up too late get everything done that he's supposed to which irritates me to no end so I have to nag at him about this for a while. Teenagers love that. While trying to get breakfast ready for baby, I say goodbye to hubby heading out the front door and to teenager heading out the back who at this point is full of TT [teenage ‘tude]. It’s very interesting to have this age spread between kids; on the one hand I’ve got a little one who I can’t reason with and on the other hand I’ve got one plenty old enough to reason with, however, he’s a teenager! Need I say more? (Not to those of you with teens, I’m sure.) To be fair, part of his ‘tude came from his mother refusing to let him take his skateboard because it’s picture day—of course this wasn’t obvious to teenager but the equation goes a little something like this: skateboard+helmut=flat hair which means we paid forty-six bucks for “teenage helmet head hair” to be displayed on the wall for years. No thanks.